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Millions of people offered broadband for half the price of BT

BT offers households low-cost universal credit on fiber optic broadband

BT has announced plans to offer fiber broadband at less than half the price to any UK household with universal credit.

More than four million homes will be eligible for the Home Essentials package, which will launch next month.

The average fiber optic plan in the UK costs around £ 25 per month, according to comparison site Uswitch.

Those eligible for BT Home Essentials will pay £ 15 per month for speeds of around 36 megabits per second (Mbps).

BT’s equivalent broadband plan for those without universal credit costs £ 32.99 per month.

Marc Allera, chief executive of BT’s consumer division, said the company hopes to provide help to millions of people who are struggling to get back on their feet after the pandemic.

There are a range of other telecommunications companies offering low cost fiber and high speed broadband across the UK.

Plusnet offers new customers speeds of around 66 Mbps for £ 24.99 per month, while Vodafone currently offers average speeds of 63 Mbps for £ 22 per month. Neither had an initial cost in April.

Virgin Media also offers existing customers universal credit debits of around 15 Mbps for £ 15 per month.

“ Ethics before profits ”

“BT’s Home Essentials is entering the market as one of the cheapest packages currently available, and certainly very good value for basic fiber,” James Wittams-Smith, commercial director of the site, told the BBC. Usave comparison.

“It’s great to see companies start to put ethics over profits, especially in today’s climate. Hopefully we’ll start to see more organizations follow suit.

Matt Howett, Assembly Research analysts, added: “Recognizing the need to be connected and the financial challenges customers face, many operators have taken steps to ensure access to vital services.

“We have really seen the industry grow and respond to the difficult circumstances that many customers have found themselves in.”

The market is becoming increasingly competitive as ultra-fast broadband and fiber expands in the UK.

The whole country was expected to receive super-fast broadband by 2025, but as a result of delays that figure has been reduced to 85%.

Construction of the infrastructure is expected to start in 2022 with a budget of £ 5 billion, the government has said.

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