Mike Tyson hosts meeting at Amsterdam cafe with unique entry requirements

Mike Tyson had hundreds of fans queuing for a possible meet and greet at his new cafe in Amsterdam.

The boxing legend was in the Netherlands for the opening of the Mike Tyson Coffee Shop 2.0, and created a huge buzz in the Dutch capital.

Tyson cut the rope to officially open the cafe
Hundreds of people queued to get a glimpse
Some of them were lucky enough to meet “The Baddest Man on the Planet.”
While others were just eager to be near the champion

The Spuistraat store has had his name since March, but the 57-year-old flew down to officially open it by cutting a red ribbon.

Afterwards, the former unified heavyweight champion of the world sat down for a meet and greet with a number of his fans, but a few hurdles had to be cleared for these lucky few.

A total of €95 (£81) had to be spent in the cannabis store to be entered into a draw which could then lead to a meeting with the boxing legend.

Cannabis is legal in the Netherlands and Tyson said he now uses it for pain relief, having never taken it during his career.

“This is what I always wanted,” he told the media. “I came here a few times when I was a teenager and always wanted to be part of the cannabis business.”

Since retiring, Tyson has become a movie star, playing himself in The Hangover films, and he has also shown his business acumen with a cannabis empire.

He entered the industry in 2016 and now owns a 40-acre weed ranch in California. He also sells cannabis edibles with his former rival Evander Holyfield, which come in the shape of the latter’s ear that Tyson bit off a piece of in 1997.

After his time downtown, Tyson then took time to pursue one of his other passions, pigeons.

Tyson went to the countryside to see pigeons

The cafe’s CEO and founder Adam Wilks posted a video of Tyson meeting a pigeon trainer and wrote: “Today was a truly remarkable experience.

“If you know Mike’s passion for pigeons, you’ll understand why we traveled to the Dutch countryside to meet a legend of the racing bird world.

“Witnessing Mike’s joy and love in this happy place meant everything to me. »


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