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Mike Pence responds to brutal reprimands from Mitt Romney

Former Vice President Mike Pence responded Sunday to recent brutal comments made about him by outgoing Sen. Mitt Romney, who claimed he did “ungodly” things during his tenure in the White House.

Romney, a veteran politician who served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and received the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, announced Wednesday that he will not seek a second term in the Senate next year. He is currently Utah’s junior senator, having been elected to the position midterm in 2018.

Upon leaving office, he made a number of damaging assertions and assessments about his colleagues in Washington, DC. Speaking to journalist McKay Coppins of Atlantic In a post published Wednesday, Romney revealed a text message to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in which he discussed disturbing reports of activities that ultimately led to the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol, to which McConnell did not never responded. He also said that in his opinion a number of his Republican peers in the Senate were not respecting the U.S. Constitution.

In one of those comments, Romney took aim at Pence, denouncing him for his support of former President Donald Trump’s actions while asserting a deep devotion to Christianity. Speaking with Coppins, Romney said no one was “more loyal, more willing to smile when he sees nonsense, more willing to attribute God’s will to ungodly things than Mike Pence.”

Mike Pence and Mitt Romney are seen after a meeting with Donald Trump. Pence responded Sunday to Romney’s recent comments criticizing his tenure as vice president.
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Pence is currently among the field of contenders for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, but is considered a long shot given his striking unpopularity among members of the Trump-supporting Republican base. On Sunday he appeared on CNN State of the Unionwhere host Jake Tapper asked him for a response to Romney’s comments.

“You know, when that phone rang in 2016, my wife and I went to pray for the invitation to join the national team,” Pence said. “I believe we were called to serve and I am incredibly proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration. In just these four short years, we have rebuilt our military, revived our economy, and appointed three conservatives to our (Supreme Court) ).. This has given us a new start for the right to life.”

The former vice president continued: “Look, Mitt Romney has no idea what I was doing in the administration. I haven’t talked to Mitt Romney in years. I think he can take his retirement. I think he even criticized his former running mate Paul Ryan in the pages of (Coppins’ biography of him). I know the positions we took and the positions we maintained, and I will always believe that we We were called to this fight.

News week contacted Romney’s office by email for comment.


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