Microsoft starts testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft says it is starting to test ads in the Windows 11 Start menu. The software maker will use the Recommended section of the Start menu, which typically shows file recommendations, to suggest apps from the Microsoft Store.

“This will only appear to Windows Insiders in the US beta channel and will not apply to commercial devices (devices managed by organizations),” Microsoft says in a blog post.

App promotions can be turned off in the Settings section of Windows 11, but it looks like Microsoft will enable them by default. Microsoft is seeking feedback on the changes, so it’s possible the company could decide to ditch these ads in development builds of Windows 11 if there is enough feedback suggesting they won’t be a popular addition.

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It’s now up to Windows testers to comment on these changes to see if Microsoft might be forced to not include these ads in shipped versions of Windows 11.

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