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Michigan Representative Texting Another Lawmaker: Hope ‘Your Car Explodes’


LANSING, Mich. (AP) – A Michigan lawmaker has told another lawmaker he hopes his “car will explode on entering,” according to text messages filed in court in support of a request for a personal protection order.

“You really are the worst human being I have ever met. I say this with the greatest sincerity. Just a parasite, ”Rep. Steve Marino told Rep. Mari Manoogian.

Marino, a Republican from Macomb County, and Manoogian, a Democrat from Oakland County, had a personal relationship that ended over a year ago.

Manoogian, 29, obtained a protective order from a judge last week, days after Marino, 32, was removed from House committees for alleged abuse. State police are investigating.

There was no indication in the court file when the text messages were written, The Detroit News reported.

Marino said he hoped Manoogian’s “car would explode on entering” and warned her to “hide on the floor of the House” in a series of texts in which they also discussed matters being dealt with by a committee of the State House.

“After trying to ignore Steve’s threats and harassment for 21 months and begging him to stop texting me in this harassing way countless times, I had no choice but to to report his abuse to my Democratic leader, “Manoogian said in a court filing.

Marino said he was the victim of a “character assassination”. His lawyer, Mike Rataj, said they would challenge the protection order.

“These statements are so out of context, and we’re just going to put them aside,” he said.

The order could conflict with Marino’s ability to vote in the House if Manoogian is present. Lawmakers will be on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.



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