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The philosopher Michel Onfray took the floor to denounce the dissolution of the organization Generation Identity, desired by the Ministry of the Interior. For him, group members are not “dangerous fascists”.

On February 18, Michel Onfray broadcast a video sequence on his website to discuss the procedure for the dissolution of Génération Identitaire, initiated by the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin. “It is quite shameful this way of shouting fascism everywhere, considering that Generation Identity are dangerous fascists,” said the philosopher first.

“That people learn about Salazar, Mussolini, Franco, Pétain, they will see what fascism was, but we must stop believing that anyone who does not think like himself is a fascist”, he, also explaining that if “Generation identity defends ideas, [qui] are probably not those of Gerald Darmanin ”, it should also be noted that the minister“ is not the intellectual measure of civilization ”.

We must stop believing that anyone who does not think like themselves is a fascist

For Michel Onfray, there are thus more urgent problems to be solved with regard to certain news: “I am sorry, but there are images which are constantly given to me of people who are dangerous who use bullets, who shoot at people, who fire mortars on firefighters or doctors, or people who, in Marseille, “run into” others. ” “And there we don’t have the impression that we should dissolve this or that association, or this or that group in a neighborhood. There is no problem, we can let it happen, ”he is scandalized, estimating at“ more than 1,000 ”the number of“ lawless areas in France ”.

“And nothing is done because we believe that we can not do much”, he continues, engaging on the controversial proposal of the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, to experiment with stopping the controls. identity in certain areas before specifying, following a political outcry, that it was more about experimenting with tracing identity checks. Michel Onfray is ironic about this single proposal aimed at resolving insecurity: “The defender of rights tells us that we should finally leave areas without control, where we sell drugs and where the police can no longer enter. […] It’s great !”

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