Michael Savage rips ‘twist’ of laws as Trump confronts ‘Biden-Stalinist regime’

Former President Donald Trump ‘will weather this storm’ no matter what the ‘Biden-Stalinist criminal regime’ does to him, proclaimed conservative radio legend Michael Savage, while warning against ‘twisting’ laws Americans as Trump prepares to be indicted by Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Joining host Jenn Pellegrino on Newsmax TV on Monday, Savage warned that “we live in unprecedented times that mimic that of the Soviet Union,” adding that “people need to know history so they don’t repeat it.”

Savage asked why disgraced “crypto-crook” Sam Bankman-Fried, the Democratic super donor who founded FTX, is “not behind bars.”

“After all, he allegedly pulled off the biggest financial scam in American history and he was released on minimum bail to live in his parents’ mansion in Palo Alto,” he noted.

“It’s American justice under the Biden-Stalinist regime,” Savage said.

After a Sunday visit to former President Trump, whom he described as the “strongest man” he had ever met and far from someone “crushed” by “imminent doom hanging over his head,” Savage accused Bragg of following “the man under Stalin: (Lavrentiy) Beria…the sadistic mass murderer (who) led Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror.

“And he was the one who said, ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.’ And he was proud of the fact – Beria – that he could prove the criminal conduct of anyone, even the innocent,” he added.

While under the U.S. Constitution “there is a presumption of innocence that emanates from the Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments, as shown in numerous lawsuits, Savage noted, “in the Soviet Union it was the opposite: there was a presumption of guilt by this scheme. »

“Now if we are going to let this criminal regime, called the Biden regime, twist America and American laws and American jurisprudence to the Soviet system, none of us will be safe,” he warned.

“Biden’s criminal regime, under this stooge Alvin Bragg, follows Beria’s model, not the US Constitution model,” he added.

Calling the situation a “nightmare”, Savage pointed out that “silent payments may be sordid, but they are legal”.

“So they are extending the law,” he said, “to say that while silent payment may be legal, the way it was reported was illegal; so you could argue it’s an accounting error, in other words it was a tax issue (and) now they’re changing it and calling it Al Capone.

Stating “There is no background to Biden’s criminality” or “the acts of deception we are witnessing,” the New York Times The best-selling author said: “The reason we all love Donald Trump as a leader is because he is a leader, (when) most men would have broken with that a long time ago.”

Asked about his thoughts on what will happen in the future and whether current events will simply drive more of Trump’s base away, Savage said those who were previously “lukewarm” towards the former president are now rallying behind him. him :

I know people who said, ‘You know, he’s had his day’ and all that (and yet) they’re all behind him now. People who were uncertain with him are so pissed off, excuse me, they’re so angry, they’re so restless and so motivated that the Democrats, as smart and smart as they think, have made the biggest blunder of their life – not just among Trump supporters, but among, I would say, decent liberals.

“And there are many in America who are still classic liberals in this nation,” he added. “They’re not all bad.”

Savage called to remember “There are two sides and two wings” and that a bird “needs two wings to fly”.

“And when you break a wing, the bird flies in circles, and that’s what the left has been doing to this country forever – trying to break the bird’s right wing,” he added. . “That’s why this bird called America, the American eagle, crashes to earth.”

The conservative radio host insisted that America is currently “waking up to the criminal Biden regime operating”, citing as the best example “everyone forgot about the crypto scammer”:

(Bankman-Fried) was all over the news, allegedly (responsible for) the biggest financial scandal in American history. He was released with almost no bail at his parent’s mansion in Palo Alto because the father has deep ties to the Democratic machine and crypto-crook Bankman Fried bought off every Democrat in the country — every great Democrat — with “campaign contributions”. Is it legal? Could this be considered a reward for silent money? I mean, of course it could be.

Savage felt that the “only question” that needs to be asked is what kind of country “do we want to have after this Biden regime ends” and “what kind of nation will we have after this regime ends?” gangster”.

Savage, whose ‘borders, language, culture’ mantra has been credited with setting the stage for Trump’s political rise, also argued the former president will ‘live through this storm no matter what they do to him. “.

“If they come to arrest him, he will escape from prison and win,” he said.

“This is what’s going to happen because of these leftist fanatics who have been destroying America day after day after day,” he added. “They don’t help each other either.”

According to Savage, even establishment Republicans “go over to Trump’s side” in this case:

Rich Lowry, for example, from the National Review, I don’t think he’s a real friend of Donald Trump. I mean those people were (again) against him now that he writes, “DA Bragg for crossing the rubicon and dividing the nation by indicting Trump.” (Furthermore,) attorney Jonathan Turley wrote, “Bragg brings a criminal case back from the dead. But may have revived Trump’s chances.

“So people who are very anti-Trump or not really for Trump understand what’s at stake here and they’re behind Trump now,” he added.

He also called it “chilling” to realize that “the Biden crime family” targets so many people.

“Not just Donald Trump, but all those military veterans rotting in stinky jails in Washington DC, most of whom have committed no crimes, and we heard the other day that they were going to indict 200 more people! he said.

He concluded by wondering when “this reign of terror is going to end under this Biden crime family.”

“When is it going to stop?” He asked.

The remarks come after former President Trump said over the weekend, he thinks he will be charged this week by Bragg.

Legal experts expect the Manhattan District Attorney to bring charges against Trump for falsifying business documents, an offense that can be a felony if committed to conceal another crime.

Legal experts expect the other ‘crime’ to be alleged campaign finance violations and Bragg claims the Trump Organization falsified business records when it paid the attorney $130,000 of Trump, Michael Cohen, and classified it as legal fees, when he was supposed to reimburse Cohen for a payment he made to porn actress Stormy Daniels as “silent money” before Trump launches its 2016 campaign.

Bragg is expected to argue that the payment was in fact a campaign expense and that the Trump campaign violated campaign finance regulations by not characterizing it as such.

However, the Federal Election Commission itself declined to penalize Trump on the matter, and federal prosecutors declined to do so as well.

Last month, Savage, who rose to the top in talk radio and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016, slammed left-wing media activists he accused of trying to “destroy” right-wing views and “completely control the narrative”.

In September he argued that Biden is the “worst” president to lead the country in his lifetime, claiming that a “criminal enterprise (runs) the country”, while highlighting the border crisis, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the return to energy dependence and the “authoritarianism” COVID-19 mandate.

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