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Michael Jessen confirms separation from Juliana on her birthday


Fans of 90 day fiancé congratulated Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio for forming a happy and healthy patchwork family, but Michael has just confirmed that their relationship is over. It turns out the couple weren’t as happy as they seemed. Juliana’s social media left viewers wondering whether or not she had left Michael, as she posted tearful and cryptic posts on TikTok. Michael informed his followers about the split on their second wedding anniversary, before sharing that one of them has already moved on with a new love interest.

When Michael and Juliana first appeared in 90 day fiancé season 7, fans were skeptical of their romance. Many believed that the international Brazilian model was taking advantage of the wealthy older American. However, Juliana quickly bonded with Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah, and their two children, Max and Cece. However, over the past few weeks, Juliana has dropped hints of a breakup. The model feared fans would blame and dislike her when they found out the truth.

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Michael took to his Instagram @michael_jessen77 to announce his separation from Juliana on their birthday, sharing a cute snapshot of their wedding on their second birthday. “Today is only our second wedding anniversary and, unfortunately, our last. Our marriage is a victim of Covid-19 that will not appear in any statisticsMichael remarked in his long caption. He wrote the caption to Juliana, adding that she was doing well while others still suffered. He then congratulated his ex-wife on her. “Resilience, autonomy and independence“as well as”beautiful joy, happiness and positivity. However, he also wrote that the pandemic has slowly robbed Juliana of her winning qualities.

Although Michael wrote some seemingly kind words and blamed the pandemic for their marriage ending, he also made it clear that Juliana had left him. “I did not retain the strength of mind and courage to be the husband you wanted me to be. The stress and pressure of providing for everyone got the better of me and I didn’t take care of myself,“Michael explained to Juliana.”I don’t blame you for wanting to leave and for wanting a fresh start. You are more suited to the life you had before we met and I can understand why you would want to come back“, he said, before writing that his”the heart is broken.

Michael then dropped a major bomb that Juliana had already found someone else. “I am glad that you have moved on and quickly found someone new. I hope you will have lasting love and happiness and make all the dreams that you have undertaken come true. If anyone can. do is you, and I always will. be rooted for you,” he wrote.

Numerous 90 day fiancé fans have come to regard Michael and Juliana as one of the happiest and sweetest couples in the franchise. Michael’s children were praised for their caring and loving nature, while many viewers were in awe of how Juliana bonded with Michael’s ex-wife Sarah. While some viewers have been skeptical of their relationship from the start, many have been surprised to see Juliana’s tearful posts over the past few weeks. Since Michael had the first word on the split, many 90 day fiancé fans are curious about Juliana and her new man’s response.

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