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Miami Beach man jumps on scooter in pursuit of his stolen Lamborghini – WSVN 7News |  Miami News, Weather, Sports

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A Miami Beach man jumped on a scooter in pursuit of his stolen Lamborghini SUV for several blocks, police said, a teenager stole the car from his home.

Chris Sander, the victim, said he will never forget what happened Tuesday night after his Lamborghini Urus, worth more than $ 200,000, was taken from his home.

“It’s just a direct commotion. The police go everywhere, ”he said. “I’m home. I hear this thing start. I look out the window and see someone chasing her. I got on the scooter, chased the guy.

Cameras captured Miami Beach police officers putting the teenage suspect in the back of a cruiser once he was in custody. He was examined by paramedics from Miami Beach Fire Rescue before being taken away.

Investigators said the suspected car thief was spotted by camera sprinting from where he parked the Lamborghini on the sidewalk along Bay Drive near 71st Street.

Andre Kalinin said he was sitting on his porch when the suspect arrived and admitted to stealing the expensive SUV.

“He said, ‘I stole a Lamborghini earlier,’” said Kalinin. “I don’t have a license. I do not know how to drive. I didn’t know if he had a gun. I didn’t know how crazy he was. I tried to talk and calm him down. He asked me for advice. He said to me: ‘I’m 14, I don’t know what to do.’ “You better surrender. They are going to be much, much easier for you. “

Moments after Kalinin spoke to the teenager, police arrived to arrest him.

“An officer on the other side of the fence had a gun pointed at both of us,” Kalinin said.

Cameras captured the black SUV, with its daytime running lights still on, surrounded by police and crime scene tapes. Miami-Dade Police officers assisted Miami Beach officers in their investigation.

Eventually, Sander got back into his car and drove home.

“Honestly, I can’t believe this has happened, but thank goodness for the police,” Sander said. “That’s all I have to say.”

Sander added that the suspect had somehow got his hands on his car keys. He believes the suspected thief entered his garage to retrieve the keys.

The teenager made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

7News has since learned that the 14-year-old has committed similar crimes in the past.

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