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Mia case: Rémy Daillet indicted – France

Rémy Daillet (54), a figure in conspiratorial circles, was indicted on Wednesday “for complicity in the kidnapping of a 15-year-old minor committed in an organized gang and criminal association with a view to committing the crime of kidnapping of a minor of fifteen years in an organized gang ”, detailed in the early evening the prosecutor of Nancy, François Pérain, after the interrogation of the first appearance of the suspect before the two magistrates.

“Mr. Rémy Daillet appears as the organizer of a movement called” Le Renversement “. In this context, he promotes the idea according to which it is necessary to carry out actions aimed at restoring to their parents children who are nevertheless regularly placed ”, declared the prosecutor. “Regarding the kidnapping of Mia, it results from the statements of indicted persons that Mr. Rémy Daillet had given instructions for the organization of this kidnapping”, he also revealed. Rémy Daillet is the 11th person indicted in this case at the end of which the girl was found safe and sound.

Remy Daillet (54 years old), his partner and their three children were arrested at the end of May on the Malaysian tourist island of Langkawi where they were living. They were expelled Sunday by Malaysia because their visas had expired. But their deportation to France was interrupted during a stopover in Singapore, where Rémy Daillet’s companion, Léonie Bardet, pregnant, was briefly hospitalized. The procedure was then able to resume and the family took the plane Tuesday evening to Paris or she landed this wednesday morning.

“I hope that with their arrival on French soil, the presumption of innocence will resume its rights, but today I see that he is prejudiced guilty, that he is designated as a kind of public enemy number one and that we are doing too much on this case “, had regretted a little earlier the lawyer of Rémy Daillet, Me Jean-Christophe Basson-Larbi, adding:” I hope that by having access to the file, by discussing with my client and bringing our defense to the investigating magistrate, that we will be able to preserve his freedom but I have little hope ”.

Rémy Daillet, a former MoDem executive, from which he was expelled in 2010, was the subject of an international arrest warrant issued as part of the investigation into the kidnapping of little Mia, 8, perpetrated in mid-April in the Vosges. The child was found a few days later in Switzerland with her mother who no longer had custody of it. The Frenchman is suspected, according to the Nancy prosecutor, of being the alleged “animator” of the anti-system “movement” in which the kidnappers were operating.

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