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Mets’ Noah Syndergaard is crazy about MLB ban restrictions: “Guess I’ll watch shit pirates”

MLB may soon feel Thor’s wrath.

MLB fans know the pain and torture of having to deal with the league’s blackout restrictions. Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard wants you to know he’s feeling your pain.

The Mets starter is absent from the squad, still in rehabilitation after Tommy John’s surgery, but he wanted to see his boys play in their home opener on Thursday. Syndergaard detailed on her Instagram story her experience of trying to watch them but being hit by the ban rules.

“I’m trying to watch the home opener,” said Syndergaard, trying to get to the Mets-Marlins game. He notices that the game is blacked out.

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“Bulls…” he said. “I guess I’ll watch the shit pirates.”

If Syndergaard is in Port St. Lucia, Florida, where the Mets’ spring training facilities are located, then it faces a Marlins Emissions power outage as the city is in the no-go zone for all Baseball in Florida.

Fans across the country have long shared their hatred of not being able to watch baseball due to restrictions on games in and out of the market. There are several ways around this problem, but none of them are easy and most will cost you a pretty penny.

Syndergaard also missed a good game, with the Mets winning a controversial 3-2 victory over the Marlins.

Syndergaard is expected to return with the squad later in the season as he returns from UCL surgery.

Still, it sucks that you can’t watch baseball – especially if you’re a baseball player.

I guess the Pirates are better than no baseball at all, anyway.

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