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Mets’ Kevin Pillar confirms his bat isn’t splattered with blood, “just stick of pine tar”

For a while, many thought Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar was using a blood-splattered bat when he took on the Orioles.

It’s easy to see why. After all, his bat had a rather red tint. Or at least that’s what it appeared on the show.

Pillar was hit in the face by 94 mph terrain less than a month ago. He broke his nose during the play and was bleeding profusely. So that’s where the speculation about the substance of his bat came from.

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However, as legendary as the use of a bloody bat would have been, Pillar confirmed that his bat did not contain blood. It was just pine tar.

Never mind. At least it captured the imaginations of Mets fans for a little while.

And that doesn’t take away from Pillar’s incredible return. Even after suffering multiple nasal fractures, Pillar only missed two weeks of action.

Since returning, Pillar has hit .296 for the first-place Mets and has pummeled two homers in eight games played. Safe to say he hasn’t shown any fear in the batter’s box since the brutal injury.

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