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Météo France forecasts a warmer-than-normal quarter, but not for Brittany – Météo France

“For the May-June-July 2021 quarter, a scenario with an average temperature over the quarter above normal should dominate over most of France,” announces Meteo France on its website. What to give hope, while the travel restrictions will be lifted this Monday, May 3 and that the terraces will reopen from May 19.

But do not rejoice too quickly! Because the Bretons are not a priori concerned by this little heat stroke: “Only the regions close to the north-west and the Channel will not see any scenario emerge”, specifies thus Meteo France.

On a dry basis

These forecasts for the next three months are drawn up by a group of experts from Météo France and Mercator Ocean (the French center for ocean analyzes and forecasts). They thus seek to identify a general trend across Western Europe over the following quarter: more or less hot, or more or less humid than normal.

For the whole country, Météo France forecasts drier than normal conditions. (Meteo France)

As for precipitation, their forecast will not delight farmers or gardeners: “Drier than normal conditions are the most likely in our country”. After months of December and January wetter than normal, those of February, March and April were already quite dry.

This onset of drought is particularly marked in Morbihan, where the prefecture warned against “the risk of fire due to very low rainfall”. Natural spaces caught fire April 24 in Vannes, on the way to Bernus, as well as May 1 in a wood of Péaule. If Météo France’s forecasts prove to be correct, it will therefore be necessary to redouble our vigilance in the next three months.

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