Meta Tests Holding Your Instagram Hostage With Unscrollable Ads

Meta tests must-have Instagram ads, first reported by TechCrunch Monday, alongside the patience of each user who must endure this functionality. Must-see ads, which some users shared their experience with on other social media platforms this weekend, require users to watch a timed ad before they can continue scrolling.

“We are always testing formats that can drive value for advertisers,” a Meta company spokesperson told Gizmodo in a statement. “As we test and learn, we will provide updates if this testing results in formal changes to the product. »

Ah yes, the latest trend in cutting-edge tech media: generating more value for advertisers. Over-the-top companies like Meta can no longer grow their (too large) user base, so they seek to squeeze more profit out of each user. Growing your user base involves creating a better experience to attract users, but now these companies are trying to see how many ads you’ll put up with before leaving the app.

The same thing is happening with streaming companies. Netflix, Max and Prime Video have introduces more ads And crackdown on password sharing Last year. YouTube also detected the bug, creating the app almost unusable with most ad blockers. We may be in a 20-year golden age of media, but Instagram’s test is the latest sign that that age is now over.

“You’re seeing an ad break,” a pop-up on Instagram says when you see the feature. “Ad Breaks are a new way to view ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to display an ad before continuing to browse.

As always with feature testing, there is no guarantee that Meta will make this feature mainstream. They’re just trying it. This feature doesn’t seem very complicated from a technical point of view, so it seems more like Instagram is testing whether You, beloved user, are ready to face it. The company wants to see how well you respond to an advertiser making your Instagram unusable for 5-10 seconds while they try to sell you something.

TikTok recently conducted similar tests to increase the effectiveness of ads. The application proposed to use AI to make each video on the platform an advertisement for the TikTok store. These proposed changes show how social media is less about connecting you to other people and more about connecting you to an advertiser.

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