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Merrick Garland wants to leave any general review of Trump’s Justice Department to Inspector General

Some Democrats have asked Garland to conduct a comprehensive review of the past four years to expose instances where they believe President Donald Trump has used the department to wage political vendettas and protect his interests and those of his allies.

Garland, speaking to Justice Department reporters, said he was keen to protect career department workers from changing political administration.

“I don’t want the department’s career managers to think that a new group is coming in and immediately applying a political lens,” Garland said.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced earlier this month that his office has launched an investigation into the department’s use of subpoenas to receive phone records and metadata from journalists and at least two Democratic members of Congress.

Garland said that as a leader, “we are still looking at what happened before. The IG has a number of inquiries ahead of it”, adding that he would review all of Horowitz’s recommendations.

“I just don’t want to prejudge anything. It’s just not fair to current employees,” Garland said.

This title and story has been updated with Garland’s comments on a potential investigation.


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