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Mélenchon greets Booba after the exclusion of Messiha from TPMP under the laughter of the guests – RT in French

The leader of the group of rebels in the National Assembly congratulated on Twitter the rapper Booba who, the day before, had managed to exclude from the TPMP plateau, in the general hilarity of the guests, Jean Messiha, former senior official of the RN.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon complimented rapper Booba on March 5 for asking for the exclusion of politician Jean Messiha from Touche’s television set, not at my post! (TPMP). An act of “resistance to outrage”, said the leader of France rebellious against the French rap star living in Miami.

“Booba pushes back from the Jean Messiha debate. Well done ! It just goes to show that resistance to outrage sometimes involves the rejection of a columnist … I say that I say nothing ”, in fact wrote from his iPhone the leader of the Insoumis – or his community manager -, embellishing his publication with the hashtag corresponding to the show as well as a mention of the rapper with multiple controversies.

The program referred to by the member for Bouches-du-Rhône was broadcast live the day before on C8. The tension rose a notch between the rapper and the politician on the occasion of an outline of an exchange on rap, a musical genre that regularly finds itself at the heart of public debate. On March 4, Jean Messiha had indeed decided to begin his intervention with a series of reproaches addressed to the rapper whom he considered a vector of “anti-French hatred, hatred against women. [ou encore] hatred against homosexuals ”. It was too much for the 44-year-old star who quickly went after his buzzer, in order to prevent the politician from continuing, under the demonstrative laughter of the other guests.

Encouraged by Cyrill Hanouna to respond to his interlocutor, Booba preferred to be satisfied with saying “goodbye” to this man from the “National Front”. “When you are there once, you are there for life,” he replied to those who pointed out to him that Jean Messiha had left political training. Later in the show, Booba developed the basis of his thoughts on the political family to which Jean Messiha belonged: “The National Front should not exist, it should not be authorized with all the horrors they have.” do […] The Ku Klux Klan in the United States is not a recognized party, we are not going to vote for the Ku Klux Klan, ”he said.

The TPMP program, which has been broadcast for nearly a decade, has achieved audience records, in particular thanks to the many blows to which it gives rise. A non-negligible aspect for the French political class, including personalities from all walks of life willingly agree to play the game.

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