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Meghan Trainor shows side-by-side toilets on ‘Tonight Show’ – and just Wow

Here’s your chance, lookie-loos: Singer Meghan Trainor, who is no longer “All About That Bass” but all about her side-by-side toilets, showed a photo of them on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday. (Watch the video above.)

And we have to say that they are even more intimately placed than we imagined just a few meters from each other.

Trainor explained to host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday that his toilet is high-tech with a heated seat, while Sabara’s is a no-frills model under air conditioning.

“It’s a terrible idea,” Fallon remarked.

Trainor, undeterred, defended the setup. It’s “the best thing about my house,” she said.

Check out the jars for him and her in the video above, and listen to Trainor hilariously recount how they came to be.


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