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Meet the woman defending an intimate relationship with inmate Chris Watts

Life is watching Chris Watts‘life behind bars and the relationships he has developed since confessing to the murder of his wife and two daughters.

Release Friday June 25 Cellmate Secrets: Chris Watts presents new interviews with Christa richello. According to press documents for the project, she has “developed a close and intimate relationship” with Chris and his cellmate. Dylan tallman after meeting Chris by sending him fan letters in prison.

In an exclusive preview clip to E! News, which is above, Christa explains why she was drawn to the case. The 42-year-old clinical psychologist is now engaged to Dylan after responding to Christa’s letter on behalf of Chris.

“I found it very strange, the way the case was handled,” she told the camera in the footage. “I have never seen a case in history where someone made a plea deal so quickly, a case was completely closed and not investigated.”

Christa continues, “And there are all these different theories because normally it would go on in a trial for years, and it only took two months for this plea deal. And that’s what surprised me. . ”

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