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Meet the Texas Married Couples at First Sight for Season 13

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but what about love stories?

This summer, Married at first sight kicks off Season 13 in Houston with 10 new singles agreeing to meet their spouse at the altar and enter into a marriage without ever having met before.

For the first time ever, Lifetime’s addicting reality series will feature an Asian-American couple celebrating their wedding with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. And because this season is based in Houston, viewers can look forward to dates filled with horseback riding, clay pigeon shooting, and plenty of barbecues.

Each week will feature two-hour episodes and capture each couple’s emotional journey as they move from marriage to honeymoon, early nesting, and ultimately the daily hardships of working on their marriage.

And after several weeks together, each couple will have to answer a very important question on decision day: do they want to stay married, or do they want a divorce?

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