Media bullying of Jordan de Goey was a disgusting witch hunt

Jordan de Goey has a $25,000 fine and the end of his career hanging over his head for no other reason than a salacious and infamous media claiming his blood. It’s been a disgusting witch hunt.

Collingwood had the opportunity to show leadership by backing their player, but of course they bowed to media (not public) opinion by handing him a suspended fine.

During the offseason between the 2015 and 2016 season, Dustin Martin was accused of threatening a woman with chopsticks. The media hysteria was on a similar level to what we have seen in recent days over De Goey’s vacation in Bali.

In Martin’s incident, every media official in the city lined up to hit him. Many wanted him hit with gigantic fines and sacked from Richmond and the AFL.

Martin admitted to being drunk, disruptive, argumentative and engaging in lewd language. He apologized for his behavior, which was accepted by the complainant and the alleged victim. Victoria Police dropped their investigation after the woman chose not to make an official statement, after determining that no foul play had taken place.

Richmond was attacked for not taking strong action against Martin before evidence was collected. The country’s most experienced sportswriters lined the club up in their sights, appalled at what they perceived to be a lack of leadership.

Yet the Richmond executive has shown the strongest leadership of all simply by being patient. Waiting for the professionals to do their job. By not react early simply to appease a bloodthirsty press and an overzealous morality police.

It’s a shame Collingwood didn’t do the same. But they have their own historical mistakes that they try to correct too much.

What did Jordan de Goey actually do wrong here? Seriously, what did he do wrong?

He went to Bali for a club-sanctioned break over the weekend off from Collingwood. So he took time off from his job and traveled abroad.

Then a few videos were posted on social media with him having fun in a way that might not suit fuddy dudes in their 40s, 50s and 60s. But I can guarantee you that there was nothing in those videos that didn’t happen among 20-somethings and in every city and town every weekend of the year all over the world. If you think that’s not the case, you’re crazy.

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People with De Goey were enjoying the same lifestyle, including an alleged “victim”, desperately named by the stalking media, who turned out to be nothing like it.

Jordan de Goey, similar to Dustin Martin, is an easy target. The tatoos. Rough edges. Let’s be honest: people think he’s an asshole.

But honestly, who cares? No one deserves the way they were treated.

Mainstream football media have very little respect among football audiences. Yes, they can watch the TV shows, listen to the radio, ring the talk lines – everyone needs something to pass the time – but the bar is so low a snake could barely crawl under it.

Anyone with half a brain understands that they’re all in the same screaming game, trying to outdo each other.

De Goey suffered from a media build-up of off-pitch incidents. The Steven May-Jake Melksham incident was the first, followed by the Bailey Smith cocaine scandal. Violence and drugs, which easily lead to disastrous consequences and lost lives. These guys basically got a free pass from what De Goey went through to…party.

There is more media space to fill weekends off. Fewer teams. Fewer games, half of which are pointless. That means more time scouring social media for a fishing moment. We saw another one yesterday with Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor, which Gerard Whateley on AFL360 also linked to De Goey via negative influence on club culture.

Jordan DeGoey

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And didn’t you love the double standards that Bailey Smith and Jordan de Goey were treated to?

Smith made a public statement after his cocaine offense, spoke about his battles with mental health, and was held up as a hero, if not a role model!

De Goey was harassed to make a public statement after the party in which he lamented in his words “the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes by the media”, and the boy made it just set off the media. That’s when it got nasty, with many ridiculing his statement.

Any name you can think of, they’ve had their chance. Gerard Whateley. Mark Robinson. Jon Ralph. Kane Horns. Caroline Wilson. Jack Niall. Gary Lyons. Jonathan Brown. Tim Watson. Matthew Lloyd. Luke Hodge. Jordan Lewis. The list is long, and there are many more.

The stacking was a simple case of media intimidation. Let’s not hold back from calling it what it is: bullying of the type that results in real mental trauma from the same guys who claim to have empathy for those in pain. It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

Let’s not forget that most of these people are many years older than De Goey, up to and more than twice his age. And try to hold back a laugh when you think about what these ex-players and their teammates would have done during their playing days. There was no social media back then, and much more compliant media was often Of the game.

Jordan de Goey is employed to play football and has had a great season as an important member of a growing team. Appreciate it for what it is.

We all love football. It’s an amazing sport. The courage and skill of the athletes. The sense of joy and belonging it gives us. It can do great things, as evidenced by the Fight MND movement around which the entire industry mobilizes every year.

But we must acknowledge the hypocrisy of the media uniting to bully a 26-year-old into a most transparent demonstration of the virtue of textbooks.

The ugliness didn’t happen in Bali, but it certainly has since.

Jordan is right. Enough is enough.

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