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Meatless menus in the canteen: “no reason to argue” for Olivier Véran – France

“There is no need to argue,” said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran on Monday. The day before, members of the government had denounced the meatless menu imposed by the EELV town hall of Lyon in school canteens because, according to her, of health constraints.

“I understand that in families in precariousness, meat and fish can be expensive, so when you put your child in school and in the canteen, it is also an opportunity for the child to have protein. animals that are important in a nutritional diet, ”said Olivier Véran, on the sidelines of a trip to a family allowance fund (CAF) in Lyon.

“Besides that, I’m not shocked that we can offer menus without meat or fish at school. The question is what is the underlying motivation. For me there is no need to argue, but to pay attention to the diet of children, ”he added.

A single menu to streamline service

“We are not in an operation to promote vegetarianism or veganism, since we will offer animal proteins to children every day”, such as fish and eggs, said on Monday the mayor EELV of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, questioned in city council by his opposition which accuses him of having an “anti-meat ideology”.

This weekend, the controversy took on a national scale, several members of the government denouncing the Lyon measure. The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, in particular denounced a “scandalous ideology” and an “unacceptable insult” made according to him to French farmers and butchers.

The town hall explains that at the request of the National Education, a distance of two meters must be respected between the children in the canteen, which amounts to feeding fewer students at the same time. The temporary use of the single menu aims to streamline the service so that all meals – 29,000 per day – can be served during lunch time. “There is no ideology, only common sense. The rest is just political controversy, ”added Éric Doucet.

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