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McCartney! Gaga! Wonder! The Rolling Stones unveil star roll call for ‘Hackney Diamonds’

The band’s 24th album, out next month, features an impressive list of collaborators…

The new Rolling Stones album is coming…


This is a momentous event, as there hasn’t been an album of original Stones songs in 18 years.

The 24th album by Mick Jagger (80 years), Keith Richards (79 years) and Ronnie Wood (76 years), ‘ Hackney Diamonds ” – a slang term for broken glass – will hit shelves next month, October 20.

The first single ‘Angry’ has already brought out the heavy artillery by portraying actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, The White Lotus, Reality), who is living his best life in the backseat of a car driving down the Sunset Strip while Rolling Stones billboards, each representing a different era of the Stones, come to life.

The song itself is good, a pretty standard Stones cut that gets the job done but never really settles into your brain like you’d hope. Mick Jagger, however, promised that the rest of the album would feature love songs, country tunes, ballads and gospel. So there is still every reason to be enthusiastic.

Adding to this feeling of excitement is the call of the celebrity guests on the album, who have now been revealed.

They include Elton John, who plays piano on two tracks (“Get Close” and “Live By The Sword”), Lady Gaga on vocals on “Sweet Sound of Heaven” and former Beatles singer Paul McCartney, who plays bass on “Bite”. My head is going away.

The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, finally together. What a time to live.

As if that wasn’t enough, Stevie Wonder will also be featured on “Sweet Sounds of Heaven.”

“Hackney Diamonds” is the band’s first album of original songs since the release of “A Bigger Bang” in 2005. Their previous album, “Blue and Lonesome,” seven years ago, was a record of blues covers. It is also the band’s first album since the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2021. Watts appears on two tracks – “Mess It Up” and “Live By The Sword” – while former Stones bassist Bill Wyman , plays on the first.

The full Hackney Diamonds tracklist is as follows:

  1. Angry
  2. To get closer
  3. It depends on you
  4. Bite my head
  5. All the whole earth
  6. A dream sky
  7. To spoil everything
  8. Living by the sword
  9. Driving myself too hard
  10. Tell me frankly
  11. Sweet sound of heaven
  12. Rolling Stone Blues

The Rolling Stones’ new album, “Hackney Diamonds”, will be released on October 20.


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