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MBTA Announces New Green Line “Supercar” Paint Design

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The design, which was favored over two others in a public poll, features green and dark gray paint along the wagon’s body, as well as green doors and a white and navy lower tread.

The MBTA has announced the paint design chosen for the planned new Green Line “supercars.” MBTA

The MBTA is designing new “supercars” for the Green Line and revealed the paint design chosen for future cars on Monday.

The transportation company let the public choose between three paint designs for the cars through a survey after introducing the designs earlier this month.

Option 3, which features green and dark gray paint along the car’s body, green doors and white and navy lower tread, was the most popular design, the MBTA said in a statement Press.

The survey ran Oct. 2-13 and received more than 16,300 responses, the MBTA said. Option 3 was the clear winner with 9,566 votes, or nearly 59% of the votes.

“Ensuring we engage with riders and incorporate their feedback is essential in everything we do,” MBTA General Manager Phillip Eng said in the release. “…We appreciate the time it takes to vote, and the fact that we have heard directly from thousands of passengers demonstrates the importance of these new Green Line cars to the public. »

Option 3 also prevailed in Boston.com’s design poll, garnering nearly 50 percent of the vote among more than 220 readers.

“I haven’t ridden the Green Line recently, but I like option 3 because you can clearly see it’s a Green Line tram,” said Brighton reader Valerie P. .

Late last summer, the MBTA board awarded a nearly $811 million contract to produce more than 100 Green Line Type 10 “supercars” to replace the cars obsolete types 7 and 8 of the line.

The new cars will be 40 feet longer than the line’s current cars and easier to maintain, the MBTA said in the release. They will also feature “state-of-the-art” communications systems, wider doors and the “latest generation of crash safety technology.”

As repairs continue on the Green Line, the promised improvements appear to be a priority for both the transit agency and the public.

A popular response to a tweet from MBTA asking drivers to choose a paint design for new cars, just read “The one that doesn’t break down.” Additionally, many Boston.com readers who responded to our paint model survey said the line was too slow to meet their needs.

In Monday’s announcement, the MBTA said its automotive engineering team was engaging with the public and various stakeholders on supercar design.

“Safety and reliability continue to be the main priority of the design process for the Green Line Type 10 supercar, with driver and operator experience as a central focus,” the transit company wrote in the press release.

The new cars will be in design for several more years before pilot cars are introduced to the lineup, the MBTA said. A mock-up of the new cars is expected to be made available to the public next year so drivers can give their feedback.


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