Mayim Bialik Claims ‘Quiet on Set’ Abuse Wasn’t Just at Nickelodeon

Mayim Bialik shares her thoughts on the harrowing allegations in Investigation Discovery’s Quiet on set: The dark side of children’s television docuseries.

In a recent episode of her The breakdown podcast, former child actress Jenna von Oÿ noted how the alleged experiences of women at Nickelodeon while working under Dan Schneider — detailed in the five-part series — weren’t much different from “the things I ‘ve heard on other platforms in our time.

The Big Bang Theory one alum added in response: “Women being reprimanded in the writers’ room is something that was like – I’m sorry – that was factored into – I mean, I hate to say it, – that’s considered normal. I will say that I don’t believe that happened in our writers’ room…and there were things that we all thought were OK to joke about, that we would now be mortified about.

Later in the episode, the former Even Stevens star Christy Carlson admitted she hadn’t seen Calm on set because she found it “extremely triggering.”

“I think we all live with a bit of survivor’s guilt,” she added. “It could have been any of us, and we all need to grieve together, I think at this point, and come together to try to figure out what now.”

The docuseries delved into allegations of abuse, sexism, racism and inappropriate behavior involving minor stars and crew members on Nickelodeon TV shows under Schneider, including The Amanda, Drake and Josh Show And Zoe 101. Several former cast members, writers and producers spoke out throughout the series’ run, as well as after its release, to recount their personal experiences and share their support.

“You look at what the whole culture was like. That’s not what happened because “Nickelodeon this-that.” Of course, this affected me personally. Of course it is,” Bialik explained later. “But what it also reminded me of is how far we’ve had to go to get to a point where people like Christy can advocate for themselves and we know what she means when she says that children’s mental health is about specific topics and that there are things that we can do to make sure that there are no exceptions “You can’t push this child.”

Carlson also revealed that ID approached her to share her story, but she was successful, explaining that she felt more comfortable speaking out on the podcast.

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