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Mavys Álvarez was admitted as a plaintiff in the case for human trafficking against Maradona’s environment

Cuban Mavys Álvarez declared in the framework of the case last week (Juan Ignacio RONCORONI /)

This morning, in a long-awaited decision, the judges of Chamber II of the Federal Chamber decided to admit as plaintiff to Mavys alvarez in the file that investigates the possible human trafficking committed by the environment of Diego Armando Maradona on his trip to Argentina in 2002 while he was a minor.

Magistrates Martín Irurzun, Roberto Boico and Eduardo Farah revoked the previous decision of Daniel Rafecas, head of the Federal Court No. 6, before an appeal of the lawyer Gastón Marano, who leads the complaint. Thus, by majority, Chamber II returned the decision to judge Rafecas, who will be who must formally admit Mavys to the case, something that has not happened yet: Court sources hypothesize that the federal judge -if he founds it correctly- it could reject the complaint again after its October 29 decision.

“Attentive to what The requirements demanded by the procedural order have not yet been met to become a plaintiff to Mrs. Mavys Álvarez Rego, NO PLACE”, Rafecas had declared in his previous decision.

However, Chamber II, which is also made up of Judge Roberto Boico, considered that the minimum requirements were given for Mavys to be a plaintiff and a party in the file where she is a victim, as he could know Infobae.

“On this, it should be noted that an analysis of the reported events has not been carried out, nor explained why, in their understanding, the presenter would not meet the conditions required by article 82 of the Nation’s Criminal Procedure Code to obtain her active legitimacy ”, Irurzun and Farah refuted in their vote.

Mavys Álvarez was admitted as a plaintiff in the case for human trafficking against Maradona’s environment
Mavys when he testified in the Gesell Chamber (Adrián Escandar /)

“In effect, from the reading of the brief where the appellant tried to become a plaintiff, it can be seen that he meets the minimum requirements established in article 83 of the adjective digest. There, the name and surname of the person attempting to assume such role, their address, a succinct account of the fact on which it is based were specified, and although the names of the accused were not specified, some points were indicated for their subsequent identification. elements that together allow the person who claims to be the victim of an act of criminal significance to be awarded the status of the intended party. Due to the foregoing, it will be necessary to revoke the ruling that was appealed, and consequently, to have Mrs. Mavys Álvarez Rego as the complainant, ”Boico replied.

Judge Boico proposed, in a minority, that the Chamber itself be the one to declare Mavys the complainant. Irurzun and Farah, on the other hand, determined let it be judge rafecas, magistrate of first instance of the case, who made the decision and thus forwarded the file to Federal Court No. 6.

Thus, the Cuban victim of Maradona takes a key step in the Argentine Justice: their lawyers will be able to propose measures of proof and will have direct view of the file. The main test on your part, your statement in Gesell Chamber, was produced last week at the Tandanor shipyard, with highly graphic descriptions of what he suffered as a teenager in Cuba and Buenos Aires.

Mavys Álvarez was admitted as a plaintiff in the case for human trafficking against Maradona’s environment
Photos of Mavys and her bond with Maradona

In the file for the alleged trafficking in persons who suffered from members of the footballer’s environment on his trip to Argentina in 2001, when he was still a minor, Omar Suárez, visible head of the nightclub Cocodrilo, Mariano Israelit and Guillermo Coppola, among others.

It all started with the complaint made to PROTEX – the wing of the Attorney General’s Office that investigates trafficking crimes – by Fernando Míguez, of the NGO Foundation for Peace and Climate Change. That set off the record in the country and it was then that Mavys asked to be considered a plaintiff in the case, also provided a large amount of evidence about her 2001 trip, paid for by Maradona.

For 20 years, kept in silence the photos and documents: love letters, Copa Airlines tickets from Panama, Hilton hotel receipts, a postcard from the Sheraton, and a letter to the Hilton where Maradona agrees to pay all expenses. Too there is his old card from La Pradera, the resort where Diego was staying in Cuba in its most chaotic moments.

Mavys Álvarez was admitted as a plaintiff in the case for human trafficking against Maradona’s environment
More photos of Mavys and Diego Maradona’s bond

In the presentation made last month by his lawyers in the courts of Comodoro Py, Mavys affirmed about his Buenos Aires days: “It is important for me to emphasize that during my stay in Argentina, in 2001, where I stayed for two and a half months, I was not allowed to go out alone from the hotels in which I stayed, nor of an apartment located in the Federal Capital where I stayed, always having people in charge of staying there. During the entirety of my stay in the country, I was only able to do two activities that I chose (one to buy and one to the zoo), although always accompanied by a person until my return ”.

“In the same way, in Argentina, and still being a minor, I was pressured to have a breast augmentation operation, which was carried out in the country without authorization from any person responsible for me. In the same circumstances they supplied me with drugs in the country, which brought me an addiction for many years. The aftermath of what I experienced persist until today ”, he continued.

Justly, among the documents that he provided as evidence there are prescriptions for painkillers of a plastic surgeon, who was the one who performed a breast implant operation.

“Maradona covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, so I wouldn’t say anything and he abused me. My mother came to see me that day at the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the room door for her. My mom knocked and he didn’t open it. He raped me. That’s what happened”, Was one of the harsh testimonies of Mavys to Infobae.


The word of Carlos Ferro Viera after the statement of Mavys Álvarez before the Justice: “Failure to tell the truth”

Mavys Álvarez: “Diego Maradona raped me while my mother was crying on the other side of the door”

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