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Matt Gaetz, future former Florida Congressman Jimmy Kimmel Heckles

“Three payments for $ 500, $ 500, $ 250, labeled“ ice cream ”; five other payments labeled “salad,” Kimmel noted. “One of those ‘salads’ cost over $ 1,000 – I guess they added avocado.”

“Before he put on pants, he was like, ‘It’s cold here in Canada today, isn’t it cold? Everyone talks about how cold it is. ” – JIMMY FALLON

“He was completely naked. He changed after a run and thought his camera was off. From now on you can call me this guy’s camera because I’m on. ” – JAMES CORDEN

“The MP apologized and explained that it was an innocent mistake – but also, if you want to see more, check out his OnlyFans page.” – JAMES CORDEN

“Of course he apologized – he’s Canadian. He would have apologized whether that happened or not. – JIMMY KIMMEL

“But can you imagine if that happened here? What if Jerry Nadler started rocking his thing in front of the camera? – JIMMY KIMMEL

“The Daily Show” detailed what it is like for black families to have “the conversation”.

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