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Matt Damon explains why it took 24 years to act with Ben Affleck again

Ben affleck and Matt damon set a high standard when they wrote the 1997 film Goodwill hunting.

The Robin williams vehicle won nine Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. And although the two big ones went to Titanic, the Boston duo won the award for Best Original Screenplay, beating Paul thomas anderson‘s Boogie evenings and As good as it gets.

But, surprisingly, it wasn’t the high expectations that kept Damon and Affleck from working together again. According to Damon, it was simply a matter of planning.

At the premiere of their next film in New York The last duel, Damon told E! New’ Victor-Cruz that he and Affleck “assumed [writing] would take so long that we would never be able to do it. “

The Talented Mr. Ripley the actor explained that between his family and Affleck’s, they thought they “would never find the time” to write another script like Goodwill hunting. But, they realized, “If we only worked for hours that we could easily carve out, we could do a lot of things. “