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Marriage: these Bretons who believe in it “as hard as iron” – Brittany

They live in Saint-Renan (Finistère), a full village. Their name is Charlene and Clément, are thirty years old, full of projects and babbling in a child’s room for six months. She is in charge of customers “in the tomato”, he is a craftsman. They are in Drennec, a little further east. Julien is 39 years old, works in IT and Amélie, 36. She is a production assistant. Jeanne, their daughter, has been accompanying them for two and a half years. These two couples do not know each other. A bit like in the credits of “Amicalement vôtre”, they turned the book of their lives separately.

Knee to the ground, surprise statement

The meeting of Charlene and Clément, “it was at a wedding”, still enthuses the young woman. She was dancing in a small troop, he was invited. “Love at first sight”, she vibrates, six years later. For their part, Julien and Amélie must have blessed online dating sites more than once. It was almost five years ago.

And life does its business and brings together those who love each other. One day, Clément proposed to Charlene in marriage. One knee on the ground, at the microphone, in front of the Saint-Renan Medieval parade. Julien waited for their daughter’s baptism. They had planned a surprise Pacs for the guests but he proclaimed a marriage proposal. “I cried,” Amélie does not hide. Outside, the summer of 2019 darted its warm rays. Life was good. The terraces were full.

Amélie and Julien had to postpone their wedding from May to August, without too much trouble. (Photo DR)

XL Weddings

The two couples are very clear from the start. If there must be a marriage, and as a marriage there will be, we might as well not be in the thick of the crêpes. “We really wanted a big wedding with all our friends and all our family,” Charlène says. Something at 200, not there to finish. “So, with Clément, we decided to give ourselves time. We were renovating a house, we wanted a baby. Very quickly, we fixed a date in August 2021 ”. At Julien and Amélie, the battle plan is almost identical. “120 at the table, 160 at the wine of honor” for a date scheduled for May 2021, time to get organized. Next Friday, to be precise.

Covid as a puzzle

Since then, the health tsunami may have swept away everything. Except amorous wills. Here, it was necessary to make rearrangements. There, we clench our teeth. But they will get married, and the coronavirus will go to hell. “We have, of course, shifted the date,” says Julien, “but we were lucky. If we took an option on another date, we would lose our deposit at the venue where we are having our wedding. So the day we rescheduled, I called the room. They told me that another couple canceled their party at the end of August. I reacted with Amélie in half an hour ”. In the domino effect, the DJ, the photographer, the caterer followed. They could. “And like the florist, he’s my cousin…”. End of the story. “I had already sent the invitations, I sent an SMS to everyone just to change the date,” adds Amélie.

The “coronabuzuk” non grata

On the side of Charlène and Clément, we are touching wood. The wedding is arranged towards the end of August in a pretty manor house in North Finistère and there is no question, for the time being, of postponing the feasts. “And then, Clément is a hyper optimist,” smiles Charlene, as if to compensate for the shadows of doubt that sometimes pass before his eyes. “On the decoration, I just stopped igniting,” she slows down a bit, as she delayed sending announcements to the limit. But, for now, the list of 200 guests has not budged an iota and it is not “the coronabuzuk”, laughed at like one too many buffoons, which will change his mood. “We believe in it, and all our service providers follow us. Anyway, the caterer made us understand that he was booked until 2023, if necessary ”.

The engraver of the rings

Julien is also optimistic. “In July-August, it should do it”, he cuts, “like last year”. Either way, he and Amélie had had a hunch buying the wedding rings last fall, refusing to engrave the date in the back of the precious metal. The anecdote makes them smile, now that everything seems to be settling for the best. “Our great-grandchildren won’t know when we got married,” they say. This will not be the case for Clément and Charlène when the official invitation is sent. Better, they even plan to seal the era by asking the guests on the invitation, why not, to be tested before or vaccinated. “To protect others, to protect oneself, to be able to party better,” Charlène still hesitates. Julien and Amélie will not do it. “Our seniors will be vaccinated and there will be fewer problems.” Either way, covid-19 isn’t on the list. From neither of the two marriages.

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