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Mark Cuban offers Pfizer stock to ex-Cowboys WR Cole Beasley if he receives COVID vaccine

Mark Cuban wants people to get vaccinated. And in a specific case, he is willing to pay for it.

The Dallas Mavericks owner has offered to buy former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley a share of Pfizer shares in Beasley’s wife’s behalf if the former SMU and Little Elm student gets the shot.

The offer arrived in a Twitter message Tuesday morning after Beasley, who resisted the COVID-19 vaccine, posted a message an hour earlier.

“I’m going to get the shot and be an advocate for that if Pfizer puts a percentage of its vaccine revenue on my wife’s behalf,” Beasley posted in a response to a Pro Football Talk story about vaccinations in the NFL.

Cuban, who explained that Pfizer stock pays a dividend of 3.78%.

“I’ll tell you what Cole. You get vaccinated and promote the vaccination on all your social networks, I will buy your wife a share of Pfizer stock, ”Cuban wrote. “That way she gets a percentage of Pfizer’s revenue. Agreement?”

Beasley had not responded to Cuba, at least publicly, at 11:15 a.m. But he did respond to some of those who were critical of his stance on the vaccine.

“If you’re all sick of hearing about it, quit Twitter,” Beasley said.

According to the NFL Network, only 13 NFL teams have reported a vaccination rate of 85% or more. Two teams are still below 50%.

The Cowboys have reached at least 70% of vaccinations, according to the Dallas Morning News.

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