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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s insult to Biden really stinks

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called Joe Biden an “old fart” on Friday, but the insult was breathed out by many social media users.

On Friday, the president announced the creation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention within the White House and later tweeted that “IIt’s time to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines again.”

He added: “If members of Congress refuse to act, then we must elect new members of Congress who will act. »

This post apparently made Greene see red and she responded by tweeting: “Never mind your old fart. We are electing a new president. Transform 45 into 47.”

Greene may have thought the “old fart” comment was a truth bomb, but many users on X, formerly known as Twitter, raised a stink, especially since she recently complained about the lack of “societal standards that establish etiquette and respect for our establishments. »

As a result, she was completely mocked.

Greene has been emphasizing civility to everyone but herself for a while now.

On Monday, after criticizing Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman for wearing a hoodie in the Senate, he pointed out that there are other forms of decorum. He reminded her of the time she posted nude images of Hunter Biden during a House hearing.

Last May, Greene discovered how much her Democratic colleagues respected her desire for decorum when they loudly mocked her after she told them, “Members are reminded to respect the decorum of the House.” she declared, only to elicit loud laughter.


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