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Marine Le Pen presents her draft referendum on immigration – RT in French

Marine Le Pen presented, on September 28, her constitutional revision project aimed at “drastically” regulating immigration and re-establishing strict criteria for the acquisition of French nationality.

Six months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen presented to the press on September 28 the outlines of her program and the questions of a possible referendum to combat immigration, a favorite theme of her party that is now disputed by the right and Eric Zemmour, even the government.

The day before, on France 2, the RN candidate had again expressed her desire to “drastically” reduce immigration. She took the opportunity to unveil her referendum bill that she wants to pass as soon as she supposedly comes to power

The “control” of immigration enshrined in the Constitution

“Will France remain France or will it be swept away in the uncontrolled torrent of gigantic migratory flows which will sweep away our culture, our values, our lifestyles?” Asked the candidate of the National Rally (RN ) by presenting his bill to recast “all the law applicable to foreigners”. This text will include in the Constitution the “control” of immigration, by prohibiting any regularization, as well as the “national priority” in access, for example, to housing or employment, as it defended in Moselle.

In addition to the expulsion of delinquent foreigners, certain benefits such as family allowances “will be reserved for the French” in order to boost the birth rate. Criminal sanctions will be provided for “complicity in illegal immigration” and family reunification will be ended.

So many provisions that could be challenged by European courts but that Marine Le Pen intends to circumvent by enshrining in the bill, the superiority of French law over international law, such as that of the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights ) or the ECJ (European Court of Justice), via a “constitutional shield” device.

“Any international text or provision thereof which [sera] contrary to the constitution [restera] not applied ”, which means that France will“ not need to leave international texts ”, assures the candidate, who no longer wants to leave the European Union (EU), but conditions, in the same bill, this belonging to “respect for the constitutional identity of France”.

The RN insists on the fact that Marine Le Pen, who is marking time in the polls, has been defending this referendum since 2014 while some of his proposals are taken up by the right-wing candidates, and that Eric Zemmour also claims paternity.

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