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Marine Baousson, the Breton comedian queen of the “Vulgar” podcast

1 From Geneviève de Fontenay to the Freemasons

“During confinement, it stopped for me because I am a humorist and therefore not essential, ironically Marine Baousson. At home, I was going around in circles and didn’t know how to occupy myself. And then came this idea of ​​reaching people and making them laugh through the podcast ”. Every Monday, since July 1, Marine Baousson broadcasts an episode on her podcast, digital audio content with the most varied themes: Geneviève de Fontenay, The Freemasons, Lourdes, Le Triangle des Bermudes …

2 “Learn while having a good time”

“I’m talking about subjects that I know without really knowing such as, for example, the story of Marignan, that of Bluebeard, or the phenomena of radioactivity, tides …”, says the humorist. “On average,” she continues, “I do one to three days of research per topic. I have to understand the theme before reformulating it while making jokes. The tone is always light. The idea is that people learn things while having a good time ”.

3 Podcast of the year

In total, the 41 episodes recorded more than 520,000 plays. “Vulgar” was elected “Podcast of the year” by Apple and awarded at the last Paris Podcast Festival – Radio France prize for revelation. “The price of Apple has exploded the number of plays, enthuses Marine Baousson. I did not expect this reward. This is the first year that this trophy has been awarded ”. His podcast caught the media’s ears. She was approached to host columns on a major radio station and a television channel.

4 “A need to laugh”

How to explain such success? “I don’t explain it,” she smiles. Obviously, people feel a real need to laugh and understand things, especially at this time when one wonders where the world is going. We can see that people are interested in learning in a fun way ”.

5 “My humor comes from my family”

“My humor comes from my family,” assures the 34-year-old comic from Ploufragan (22). My whole family is very funny: my brother, my sister, my mother… It is my father who gives the wedding and death speeches to everyone. We laugh a lot at home and humor has even become a culture that we pass on from generation to generation ”. For Marine Baousson, the click came, in adolescence, during a show by comedian Anne Roumanoff. “It was there that I realized that a comedian could be a profession. It was possible to make people laugh and to be paid for it ”. After college, she enrolled in the Lycée de Tréguier (theater option), before pursuing theatrical studies, in Rennes, then at the Sorbonne, in Paris.

6 Towards a return to Brittany

“I live in the XXth arrondissement in Paris but I have a project to come back to live in Brittany,” announces the actress. It is a region that inspires me with serenity. Ideally, I would like to settle in Perros-Guirec (22), where my parents are, but it will undoubtedly be Saint-Brieuc, because it will be easier to take the train to go to work ”.

Marine Baousson regularly returns to Brittany, where she enjoys walks by the sea, pancake meals in Tréguier (22) and playing tennis. “I love this sport,” she says. I have a very nice gesture but I am zero ”. On the Breton artistic palette, she quotes the Briochine singer Yelle. “I listen to his song“ Vue d’en face ”on repeat. She is a singer who is ahead of many things ”.

7 Two dreams

Fan of Florence Foresti (“She has an intelligence of laughter”), of Muriel Robin (“She inspired me a lot when I was younger”) and of the Australian Hannah Gadsby (“She is brilliant”), l he Breton artist has two dreams: “To perform at the Olympia, the dream of all artists, and to play at the small theater of La Passerelle in Saint-Brieuc. It would be incredible because it is in this room that I did the dance performances when I was little. In the meantime, I will be on May 28 at 8:30 pm at the Grand Pré in Langueux (22), if the theaters can reopen ”. Currently, she is preparing a book and a show around “Vulgar”.

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