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Marie Portolano, football fan and “in love with Brittany”

“It is abominable: I said that I would not cry”. On March 6, Marie Portolano did not succeed: in tears, she bade farewell to Canal + viewers and her team from ” Canal Sports Club », Program she had been presenting since 2018. The 35-year-old journalist was then preparing to join M6. “It was a good time to go,” she comments today. What’s more, “M6 is a channel that I find extremely family-friendly, very benevolent. I wasn’t used to that ”. From her seven years spent with the Canal + group, we will remember several of the programs she embodied: “Jour de foot”, “19:30 Sport” and, as we have already said, the “Canal Sports Club” . Or in which she participated, as was the case at the “Canal Football Club”.

The “remote control battles” with his brothers

Marie Portolano did not find herself there by chance. His “passion” for football arose from his “remote control battles” with his two little brothers. “When I was 11-12 years old, they forced me to follow the Multiplex of Canal +. Me, I wanted to watch the Saturday Trilogy on M6, with “Charmed”, “Buffy against the vampires” … “. A constraint to which she finally takes a liking. “Over time, it became a meeting with them,” she recounts. And, “what is funny is that today my brothers no longer follow football at all”.

The more I watched football, the more I wanted to see it

Becoming a sports journalist: the idea is gaining ground. “The more I watched football, the more I wanted to see it,” she insists. As a teenager, she also saw the opportunity to “go to the stadium for free”, once the press card in her pocket. Before that, she studied atHigher Institute for Journalism Training, in Paris.

(Benjamin Decoin / M6)

The direct? “The best school”

His first contracts followed. Especially on the ephemeral CFoot, where “there was an atmosphere that I have never found elsewhere”, and on beIN, where she stays for two years. There, she “learns everything”. “They allowed me to work on live broadcasts around the games, which I had never done.” On Sunday afternoon, she faces a “marathon”, with two Ligue 1 matches, then a La Liga match and another in the Italian league. “The first time, Charles Biétry (then Deputy Director, Editor’s note) told me:” If you manage to do this show, you will know how to do everything “. He was right. It was the best school ”.

The “resounding” echo of his documentary

Before her departure from Canal +, Marie Portolano hits hard, with “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”. Co-produced with Guillaume Priou, this documentary gives voice to twenty sports journalists who tell about the sexism of which they have been or are still victims. The echo is “Resounding”. ” I was not excpecting that at all. I was even afraid that it would not interest people ”. If this documentary saw the light of day, it is also partly thanks to her husband: the actor Gregory Ludig. “He wiped the plasters,” she admits. “I was looping over it, I didn’t sleep”. But instead of “holding back” it, he encourages it. “He said to me: ‘Go to the end of what you want to do, don’t give up’…”.

On May 18, she took her first steps on M6. Alongside Nathalie Ianetta, who officiates for TF1, she interviews Didier Deschamps who, on this occasion, reveals the list of players selected for the Euro. A first for a female duo. “There is certainly a cause and effect link with the broadcast of the documentary and that’s good,” she notes.

In the first line

During the Euro, Marie Portolano will be on the front line on M6, with pre- and post-match shows, as well as a magazine. On June 30, she will also host a musical program: “The Extraordinary Evening”. And this fall, we will discover it in the kitchens of “Best Pastry Chef”, whose shooting began at the end of April, alongside Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. A new exercise in which she feels “quite comfortable”. “The production lets me do whatever I want,” she says with a smile, the priority being “to be myself”. “I am on the air as I am in life, I make the same jokes,” she continues. Before telling us: “I don’t know how to cook. I completely discover the subject ”.

The most beautiful region in the world

The next few weeks promise to be very busy, before a break on the North Finistère coast, with her husband and her son, James, born from a previous relationship. Because some may not know it, but Marie Portolano is “in love with Brittany” which is, according to her, “the most beautiful region in the world”. A region she knows well, because 20 years ago, her parents bought a house in Plougasnou (29), “a bit by chance”. It is also there that Grégoire Ludig proposed to her in marriage, she had revealed to Release at the end of March before confirming it to us. This is also where the young couple comes in turn to acquire real estate. “We plan to come there, it’s in our vacation plans,” she says. But, for now, the priority is the Euro!

Appointment at 9 p.m., Saturday, for the first match of the Euro broadcast on M6: Belgium-Russia

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