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Marcus Maddison: Charlton midfielder plans to quit football after Bolton’s loan cut |  Football News

Marcus Maddison is considering quitting football after his loan to Bolton was cut off, saying “the abuse, pressure and monotony have touched me”.

Hours after announcing the winger’s return to Charlton, he posted on Instagram saying that “the football industry has finally broken me.”

“I tried to fit in and be happy, but if I can’t be happy on a winning team fighting for promotion, it’s clearly something deeper,” he said. added.

“I go home to think I want to play football more because it doesn’t give me any joy at all.”

Maddison made 10 appearances for League 2’s Bolton after signing a loan from Charlton on transfer deadline day.

The 27-year-old, who started his career at Newcastle before making more than 200 league appearances for Peterborough, was substituted at half-time in Bolton’s 2-1 win over Harrogate on Saturday.


Highlights of Bolton’s 2-1 win over Harrogate in League Two on Saturday

He thanked Bolton manager Ian Evatt for his understanding.

Evatt said Bolton news: “Myself, Marcus and his agent had a very long conversation on Sunday about everything.

“I also had another conversation with the PFA to make sure we could get the best help and support from Marcus.

“Football takes a back seat in all of this. People have to respect his privacy and wish him luck, so I hope he can get back to the right place.”

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