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Manchester United vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s attack and his former team’s top four prospects |  Football News

After what he described as an ‘unacceptable’ performance in the draw at Newcastle last time around, Jamie Carragher explains what Liverpool need to do on his must-see trip to Manchester United this Sunday to keep his top four prospects in life.

Sky Sports expert joined Peter Smith on the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast to anticipate the big game at Old Trafford – which you can watch live on Sky Sports – and also explained why he believed United were just a few signings away from being serious Premier League title contenders next season .

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Man Utd showed offensive ability against Roma

“Man Utd were exceptional in the second half against Roma, they have goals in the squad. When you watch them play there are a lot of areas they can score from. Solskjaer would have been a little worried in the middle. – long since what he’s seen with the two away goals, but scoring five times in the second half put the semi to bed. He could even possibly rest the players in the second leg. I wouldn’t say that it was something I expected but we have seen so often how they have come back from their lost positions this season.

Edinson Cavani scored twice as Man Utd beat Roma

“Everything clicked and part of the finish was exceptional. When you look at Edinson Cavani’s signing it maybe raised a few eyebrows when it initially happened but it was awesome and I think it was. it is imperative now that he signs again.

“Bruno Fernandes has been like this since he signed, but we’ve only seen him in Paul Pogba’s previews. If they can get Pogba to play more often like that, they would be very powerful. two of the Premier League’s most creative and best-quality players and Ole now appear to have that balance playing Pogba from the left.

Sunday May 2 4:00 p.m.

Kick-off at 4.30 p.m.

“I don’t think it helps Marcus Rashford because that’s the position he would like to play, but it’s a way to get Pogba and Fernandes into the squad. I always thought they would struggle to make it work together as a partnership., thanks to the manager. He has found a way to make this happen for now. “

‘Man Utd receives too much criticism’

“What leap would be for Man Utd to win the title next season? It would be a leap, of course it would be. But I actually think Man Utd are being too criticized for what they are doing right now. Man City are phenomenal … we are talking about a team that was on the verge of making the quadruple and could still make a treble. Man Utd are 10 points behind but when you see the distance that some teams in second and third have been late [the champions in the past], 10 points don’t seem too bad to me.

“We’re talking about a team that haven’t lost away in the Premier League this season and I think they’ve only lost one game in their last 20 games in all competitions – in FA Cup at Leicester – they come from behind to win games so I think there is a lot to be excited about they will need one or two players this summer but it will be the same for all teams .

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s attack and his former team’s top four prospects |  Football News

I don’t think Man Utd is as far away as people are talking about. There are plenty of reasons to be excited, and a lot will depend on their ability to take that final step in the transfer market this summer.

Jamie Carragher on Man Utd

“But I don’t think they’re as far away as people are talking about, really. Some of the things they’ve done this season, I don’t think some of the most famous teams in Man Utd history have successful, in terms of going so long away from home without defeat, so there’s plenty to be excited about, and a lot will depend on whether they can make that final step in the transfer market this summer.

“They have had a very good season, and they will want to crown it with a trophy because Man Utd have to win trophies.”

What does Man Utd need in the transfer window to get started?

“I think they could maybe improve at center-back, but they need a young Cavani, basically. That’s what the club need. They have persisted with Anthony Martial as striker for a few years. He’s a good player, but I don’t. I don’t think he’s a great player who will lead them to a Premier League or Champions League title, which they need .

“So two players at both ends of the pitch – a center-back and a center-forward – and then I don’t think they’re that far.”

Liverpool’s draw with Newcastle was unacceptable

“It was not acceptable. Any result can happen but have so many chances in a game and not win and then concede how Liverpool managed to get away with a VAR call if I am totally honest. [disappointed me the most]. Watching the game after the unauthorized goal felt like it would always happen.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s attack and his former team’s top four prospects |  Football News


FREE TO WATCH: Highlights of Liverpool’s draw with Newcastle in the Premier League

“It’s unacceptable even with a few minutes to go you felt like Newcastle were going to score. I spoke to a lot of Liverpool fans who felt the same. You can talk about injuries and situations like that. -There have nothing to do with that, you have to manage these moments by going through the last minutes.

“If they had, Liverpool would still come into this game with Man Utd dynamic and confident of securing a Champions League spot for next season. Now, mentally, people might think the Champions League is everything. just too out of reach. This is certainly so. most people with a Liverpool hat felt going into this game.

“But that would change completely if Liverpool could win the game. It will be difficult to ask how both sides are playing right now, and the problems Liverpool have at center-back, as we all know.”

Liverpool’s top three are due to separate this summer

“People said the line before was out of shape, but it’s been too long now for that [to be used as an argument]. People keep talking about Liverpool’s problems at center-back but their biggest problem is at the other end of the pitch.

“We know Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez will be back next season. Liverpool’s famous top three, and rightly so, are still there. They had the added bonus of Diogo Jota, who scored with a few goals, but I said it six months ago on Monday Night Football – the top three had to go their separate ways because none of the top three are ever together that long.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s attack and his former team’s top four prospects |  Football News
Sadio Mane has had a frustrating season in front of goal

“When you look at other big attacking partnerships and top three from the past, they are probably three years, and then you move on. Liverpool have been together for probably four or five years, so you have to break this summer. than Liverpool. You have to invest, as they of course do at center-back. It’s actually quite similar to Manchester United, but that’s where Liverpool have to spend the money.

“The first three have been amazing, but it’s just at this point now that something else is needed and it has to be rectified this summer when you think about the chances that have been missed this season. You have to evolve with time, and a little more competition up front wouldn’t hurt. “

How did Liverpool beat Man Utd in this must-see match?

“A good start will be imperative in the game as Manchester United played on Thursday night. They had a big win so they will be confident but you can get a bit of a step back so soon after playing when Liverpool have had one. free week so it is imperative that Liverpool start quickly, they have to take on United and make it a fast and energetic game.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s attack and his former team’s top four prospects |  Football News
Liverpool set to get off to a quick start against Man Utd on Sunday, Carragher says

“I thought Liverpool played very well in the FA Cup game at Old Trafford this season but some big defensive mistakes that day ultimately cost them. They will be looking for a similar performance but the start will be huge. Liverpool will have to do it. do. get the first goal if they are to have any aspirations of winning the game, which they have to do. Liverpool have to win and they have to show it from the first minute. “

Expect open play

“I think it won’t be [a cagey 0-0] this time. I would probably blame Manchester United more for the 0-0 [earlier this season] in that I actually thought they were happy with it. Liverpool were there for the catch – they had a good chance, but they just seemed to put the handbrake on in the second half. It’s something they can look back on and regret at the end of the season.

“It was very close at this point to know who was first in the table outside of Liverpool and United. I think it will be a much better game than that.”

Man Utd win would give Liverpool confidence in qualifying for top four in races

“With the break-in I watched it before the result against Newcastle and I thought Liverpool might have to win every game before the trip to Old Trafford. If they won now this weekend that would balance things out. Liverpool fundamentally. need to win every game by the end of the season.

“All the other games seem really winnable on paper, but that’s their problem all year round. You can’t really trust them to win a paper game that you expect them to. There isn’t too much. confidence, but a lot of belief could be restored on the back of three points at Old Trafford. “

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Sky Sports Expert Jamie Carragher joint Peter Smith look ahead Manchester United Super Sunday clash with Liverpool. He assesses United’s big Europa League semi-final victory over Roma and where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side need to strengthen if they are to become Premier League challengers next season. Plus, he gives his verdict on Liverpool’s top four prospects – and how they can come out on top on their must-see trip to Old Trafford.

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