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Manchester City snatch narrow victory over Dortmund

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Manchester City won their Champions League quarter-final first leg against Borussia Dortmund (2-1) on Tuesday night. De Bruyne and Foden scored for the Mancuniens while the Germans owe their goal to Marco Reus on a pass from Halaland.

City hold their victory. Pep Guardiola’s men won the first round against Dortmund by showing character (2-1). Foden offered the victory to his teammates late in the game as Borussia had just equalized in this quarter-final first leg of the Champions League.

From the kick-off, the Citizens had settled in the Dortmund camp. Thanks to high pressing and fast ball circulation, Pep Guardiola’s men put pressure on their opponents. However, the Mancuniens are struggling to penetrate the surface of the Germans, except on corners (9e, 11e).

Faced with this sterile domination, Dortmund patiently waits his time to better counter by projecting himself quickly thanks to vertical passes. The yellows even get the first clear opportunity of the match when Jude Bellingham, found to the left of the area by Erling Haaland, resists Kyle Walker and hits hard from the left at the near post. Ederson pushes back fists (7e).

Fatal raise

The Germans, however, put themselves in danger by missing several raises. One of these mistakes is fatal to them. De Bruyne accelerates before shifting Foden to the left. A little long, the center of the latter goes in front of the goal but Mahrez fights to recover it and give back to De Bruyne in withdrawal who concludes (18e, 1-0).

Dejected, Borussia Dortmund tried to equalize in stride but Reus was too short to take a ball stung from Guerreiro in the box. The BVB captain throws himself but fouls Ederson (24e).

Manchester City think they will get a penalty to make the break when Rodri collapses, apparently on contact with Emre Can. In the confusion, the VAR reverses the decision (31e).

Bellingham then thinks of equalizing after nipping the ball in the feet of Ederson. However, the referee whistles a serious foul on the Mancunian goalkeeper and gives a yellow card to the young 17-year-old (38e).

Dortmund in search of an equalizer

Back from the locker room, Erling Haaland finally shows up. Launched in depth, he takes the best of Dias to present himself against Ederson. However, the Brazilian goalkeeper won the duel (47e). A few minutes later, Borussia gets a free kick at the entrance to the area. Captain Marco Reus takes care of it. His strong strike was repulsed by the English wall (62e).

Manchester City responds immediately. Kevin De Bruyne overflows to the right and crosses low for Cancelo who, in an ideal position, resumes. Hitz pushes back on his line (65e). the Mancuniens want to make the break but the strike of De Bruyne goes next (75e) and Hitz repels Foden’s two shots (76e).

It is thanks to an Erling Haaland transformed into a decisive passer that Borussia Dortmund finally equalizes. The Norwegian prodigy gives in a touch to his captain Marco Reus who deceives Ederson (84e, 1-1).

Borussia then thinks they have done the hardest but the men of Pep Guardiola do not let go. And Foden immediately gives the advantage back to his team (90e).

Manchester City hold their victory but the conceded goal against Dortmund could be expensive in the second leg of this double confrontation.


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