Man sues hospital for £500m after being ‘forced to watch wife’s C-section’ | World | News

An Australian man has attempted to sue a hospital for more than £500 million after claiming he was forced to watch his wife’s caesarean section and suffered a “psychotic illness” as a result.

Business Insider reports that the lawsuit was brought by Anil Koppula, whose wife gave birth at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne in 2018.

The C-section went well and both mother and baby were doing well.

Unfortunately, Koppula said no.

According to court documents, Koppula claimed he was “encouraged” and “forced” to watch his wife give birth, which allowed him to see his wife’s organs and blood.

Seeing this, he suffered from what he called a “psychotic illness” and sued the hospital for 1 billion Australian dollars, the equivalent of 643 million US dollars.

And this psychotic illness caused “the breakdown of his marriage,” according to the lawsuit.

An Australian court, however, didn’t buy it.

Koppula underwent a series of psychological evaluations and the court determined that his alleged “psychotic illness” did not meet the threshold required for the court to rule in his favor.

Under Australian law, damages for non-economic losses (such as those for psychological harm rather than damage to property or persons) require a high threshold that demonstrates that the loss is “significant”, which this lawsuit does not. not done.

Judge James Gorton dismissed the complaint on Tuesday, September 12.

In his ruling, Gorton called the lawsuit an “abuse of process.”


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