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Man shot Lexington cop and was injured when he fired back, police say

A Lexington police officer on duty responding to a call in a North Lexington neighborhood shot a man who had fired a gun at the officer on Saturday night, police said.

The 21-year-old, whose name was not released on Saturday night, was shot in the shoulder before. Although police said his injury was “serious,” it was not considered life threatening, police said in a press release on Saturday evening.

Lexington Police said they were called to the 600 block of Marshall Lane with a report of gunfire around 5:30 p.m.

“An officer arrived and immediately observed gunshots,” police said in the statement. “In response to the subject who fired a gun at the officer, the officer fired back, hitting the subject.”

Police said officers provided assistance to the man until paramedics arrived and took him to a local hospital.

Neither the man who was shot nor the policeman was publicly identified on Saturday evening.

Police said the man who was shot was charged with first degree burglary, eight counts of gratuitous first degree endangerment and eight counts of kidnapping. Police said other charges were pending.

The officer who shot the man will be put on an administrative mission while the investigation is ongoing.

The Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting and the police department’s public integrity unit will conduct an internal review, police said.

Police said the officer’s body camera was activated during the incident.

At a press conference late Saturday night, Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers declined to answer questions about the charges against the man.

Shortly after the shooting, several young children could be seen outside in the area where the man was shot.

Neighbors said they heard gunshots before police arrived.

Tina Brown said she was visiting her in-laws and having a barbecue on the back porch when they heard what sounded like gunshots followed by a police siren.

“We opened the front door and the cop was right there, leaning over by his car with his gun pointed in that direction,” she said. “I was scared because I started hearing gunshots, so I said let’s close the door.

Brown said she and her daughter “went to the side” of the house and saw the suspect lying on the floor. “He was screaming, ‘You pulled my arm. I bleed, I bleed, ”she said.

Tony Douglas said he was sitting on his back porch when he heard several gunshots.

After the officer arrived, he said he heard the officer tell the man to “put down the gun” and tell him to “get down”.

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