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Man shot dead by police at southern LA school allegedly harassed students

A man was shot and wounded off campus by Los Angeles school police on Wednesday in an incident at Carver Middle School in southern LA

Investigators are still at the scene, but an initial account was provided by Robert Taylor, president of the LA School Police Management Assn., A union that represents managers in the department.

Taylor said someone from Carver Middle School called the school police at 1:20 p.m. to deal with a man “circling around the school making threatening remarks and scaring people away. students”.

Two officers responded and found the van parked next to campus. As they approached the man, “they saw him with pepper spray and a knife,” Taylor said.

A chase began and the man allegedly fled to a convenience store and then discharged pepper spray towards the officers. It is not clear whether one or both officers were affected with the pepper spray, Taylor said.

The man then allegedly charged the police with the knife.

One or both officers shot the man, who may have been shot in the shoulder and abdomen. He was taken to hospital for treatment, under the care of school police, Taylor said.

Earlier this month, a 16-year-old student was shot and injured after school outside the soccer field at Santee Education Complex, a high school south of downtown Los Angeles. This incident may have been sparked by an earlier campus brawl between students.

A few minutes later, a man was shot and wounded in front of a nearby primary center, but the two shots did not appear to be linked.

The future of the school’s police department has been a controversial topic in LA Unified, with a majority vote by the board last year to cut its funding by 35% – a response to students and community activists who called for police funding. One result is that high schools no longer have an assigned officer. In years past, at the college level, an officer typically divided his time between two campuses. These officers, too, are no longer stationed on campus.

Other officers operated on patrols, which continued.