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Man released after 45 days in Covid hospital |  New


NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A Rutherford County man is on the mend after fighting for his life for a month and a half. After his heart monitor went flat five times, Joe Gammon is now in a rehab center where he will stay until he gets stronger.

“I’m still in some ways in disbelief that I was able to get through it,” Gammon said. He has been fighting for his life for about 45 days. Even though Gammon is ready to be reunited with his family, he says he feels lucky to be alive. “I feel extremely blessed to have a second chance.”

Gammon’s whole family fell ill with COVID, but the virus hit him the hardest.

“I don’t even remember what exactly happened. The last thing I remember was making a bowl of soup for my wife and just trying to cure her and apparently my oxygen had gotten extremely low, ”said Gammon. At the end of August, he woke up in Ascension St. Thomas Hospital. West where he found out he was in a coma. He attributes his survival to the medical staff at the hospital.

“The majority of people who are as sick as him do not survive,” said ICU doctor Dr Brett Campbell. Dr. Brett Campbell helped care for Joe Gammon during his stay at Ascension St. Thomas Hospital West. “Joe’s journey was very complicated. He suffered multiple arrests while he was here. There were not many people who survived this kind of insult.”

Gammon said he wished he had considered getting the shot before he got so sick. “I wish I had taken the time to meet with my primary care doctor and at least had this conversation,” Gammon said.

Dr Campbell said 65 people died from COVID at Ascension St. Thomas West Hospital between August 1 and September 22.