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man dies after police chase

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The drama took place Monday evening around 11:30 p.m., Place de la Porte de Bagnolet, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

A man died Monday evening in Paris, Place de la Porte de Bagnolet (20th arrondissement), after a car chase with the police, franceinfo learned on Tuesday, November 14 from consistent sources. Monday evening around 11:30 p.m., on the inner ring road in Paris, police officers from BAC 93 noticed that a car was driving dangerously, at high speed, between Porte de Pantin and Porte des Lilas. On board, four people, according to a police source contacted by franceinfo. Information that the Paris prosecutor’s office does not confirm at this stage, speaking for the moment from three people present on board.

The police chased the vehicle and, again from corroborating sources, activated their flashing lights and siren. The driver then fled to Porte de Vincennes, took Boulevard des Maréchaux and managed to outrun the police. The latter, around 11:45 p.m., noticed that the car had hit a tree at Porte de Bagnolet.

One dead, two injured

On site, emergency services provided first aid to the victims, “three people found unconscious in the vehicle”, specifies the Paris prosecutor’s office. Around 12:30 a.m., emergency services announced the death of the rear passenger, aged 25. The driver, aged 21, “was taken to hospital during the night with a life-threatening prognosis”. His condition seems to have improved since then, specifies the prosecution. The driver is not known to the courts but his license “was the subject of an administrative suspension since July and for more than four months”. As for the front passenger, “He was taken to hospital.” The prosecution does not specify in what state. A police source at franceinfo indicated that the latter was “conscious but polytraumatized”. As for the fourth occupant of the car, he is on the run, according to the same police source. Information that the Paris prosecutor’s office does not confirm at this stage.

The public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for “aggravated manslaughter by the driver of a land motor vehicle whose driving license has been suspended”, “unintentional injuries for which the total incapacity for work has not yet been determined, aggravated by driving despite suspension of driving license” and “refusal, by the driver of a vehicle, to comply with a summons to stop directly exposing others to a risk of death or permanent disability”. The Judicial Accident Processing Service (STJA) is in charge of the investigation, specifies the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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