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Man armed with sledgehammer and boot knife arrested for assaulting Capitol officers

Kevin Creek, a Georgian who authorities said was filmed kicking and beating police officers on the grounds of the United States Capitol on January 6, was arrested Thursday and charged with several crimes, including disorderly conduct and assault and obstruction of police officers.

Creek was among a crowd of thousands of insurgents who stormed the Capitol that day, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Department of Justice. Creek admitted in an interview with the FBI that he visited Washington, DC on January 5 and was on Capitol Hill grounds during the riot. He also confessed to having been armed with “a sledgehammer and a boot knife” at the time.

It does not appear that Creek entered the Capitol itself. He said he tried to enter but was deterred by tear gas, according to the complaint.

Outside the building, Creek was caught on camera by a body cam hitting one federal agent and kicking another.

The complaint stated that although Creek admitted that “the videos looked like him”, he said he “did not recall assaulting any officer.”

The stream is one of the more than 465 people who have so far been arrested by the Justice Department for their alleged involvement in the Capitol Riot.

The FBI has identified at least 300 other suspects who have yet to be arrested.


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