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Man accused of slapping Emmanuel Macron explains his gesture in court

Damien T. does not deny his gesture and seeks to explain it to the court which hears him in immediate appearance. “When I saw his sympathetic and lying gaze which wanted to make a voter of me, I was filled with disgust,” he said in particular.

Aged 28, Damien T. is tried in immediate appearance on June 10. He is accused of having slapped the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Tain-l’Hermitage (Drôme) on June 8. The young man faces up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

When I saw his sympathetic and lying gaze that wanted to make me a voter, I was filled with disgust

According to information from BFMTV who quotes his reporter present in the courtroom, Damien T. assures that he does not “at all” deny the facts with which he is accused. The young man explains in particular: “He wanted to shake my hand […] I hesitated to do it ”. He also relates: “A few days before, we had considered throwing an egg or a cream pie.” Then, according to the same source: “I didn’t think I could see him so close”, before getting to the heart of his gesture: “When I saw his sympathetic and lying gaze who wanted to make me a voter, I was filled with disgust. ”

The respondent also acknowledges that his slap was “rather violent”, according to BFMTV. Recognizing himself as close to the yellow vests, according to the first leaks of the investigation in the press, Damien T. also relates the hours preceding the attack: “In the car, when we were waiting, we had considered doing something striking, calling him out on political issues, taking a yellow vest or a flag. French but we changed our mind. ” He also emphasizes having seen “people being expelled by the gendarmerie” and deduced, again according to comments reported by the news channel: “It gave me a feeling of injustice.”

Damien also tries to put his gesture into perspective: “I don’t think this gesture can inspire another because it is sufficiently extreme.” But he also claims: “I felt invested by what represent the yellow vests who had been expelled before and by the French people in general. […] I believe that the yellow vests and the French people are expressing themselves but that their opinion is not listened to ”, before adding:“ Physical violence is only a last refuge. ”

He also says he is “close to the right” and assumes: “I call myself a patriot.” He also explains his local associative commitment by underlining his desire to bring to his municipality “which is a dying city”.

18 months in prison required

The public prosecutor requested 18 months in prison against him without any adjustment of sentence with a committal warrant and explained to the court: “I am not asking for a fine but I am asking you to consider pronouncing against him a definitive ban on exercising a criminal law. public service”. He also calls for a ban on the right to vote for five and a ban on gun possession for the same period.

Arrested with Damien T., his comrade Arthur C. will for his part be issued a summons to court for the end of the second half of 2022, in order to respond to offenses related to illegally detained weapons found at his home.

Residing in Saint-Vallier, north of Valence, the two men were arrested immediately after the slap inflicted on the head of state. They are “both unknown to the judicial and intelligence services” and members of associations of their commune “in connection with martial arts, the Middle Ages and the manga universe”, according to the public prosecutor Alex Perrin , quoted by AFP.

During his first hearing, Damien T., as a couple, without children, without profession, had admitted “having struck a blow at the Head of State and having spoken words denouncing the policy”. He claimed to have “acted instinctively and” without thinking “to express his dissatisfaction,” according to Alex Perrin.

Emmanuel Macron denounces an act “imbecile and violent”

This June 10, Emmanuel Macron described his assault as an act of “imbecile and violent” during an interview with BFMTV.

While considering that “real violence is not that”, the President of the Republic warned against the trivialization of this type of act, insofar as “whoever carries a public authority, has the right to respect », Referring in particular to the many cases of attacks against mayors.

On June 8, during an interview with Dauphiné, Emmanuel Macron had denounced “isolated facts”, committed by “ultraviolent individuals” who should not, according to him, “take possession of the public debate”.

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