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Man accused of assaulting and punching people in New York City indicted on hate crime charges

A man accused of assaulting or harassing at least five people in New York over the past year, including a woman who documented her injury on TikTok, has been charged with hate crimes for “anti-women, anti- white people and anti-Semites. “Attacks, say prosecutors.

Skiboky Stora, 40, is charged with three counts of third-degree assault as a hate crime, one count of third-degree harassment as a hate crime and second-degree aggravated harassment for the incidents took place from September 2023 to March 2024. the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

Stora, of Brooklyn, was previously arrested in March on assault charges, accused of hitting a woman in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The woman documented the bizarre injury on TikTok.

In that case, the 23-year-old white woman was walking in Chelsea on March 25 when she encountered Stora and he “struck her in the head, causing her to fall to the ground,” authorities said. She suffered pain and swelling on the left side of her head, the prosecutor’s office said.

“You guys, I was literally walking and a man came and punched me in the face,” she said through tears in her video. “Oh, my God, it hurts so much. I can’t even talk.

She was one of several women who posted on the platform describing being punched or attacked while walking down the street in Manhattan.

“Skiboky Stora allegedly committed a series of hate-motivated incidents against multiple individuals based on their gender, race and religion,” said District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg. “No one should have to fear for their safety because of their identity. »

The series of attacks allegedly began on September 20 last year when Stora allegedly walked past a 17-year-old white student at Chelsea and elbowed him in the neck and told him: “You think you can do All that you want. I want,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Then, on the morning of October 26, a 37-year-old woman described as “light-skinned” walked past Stora in Chelsea and, as she walked by, he elbowed her in the left shoulder, causing pain and bruising, officials said.

A campaign sticker for Skiboky Stora, in New York, October 23, 2021.Ron Adar / Sipa USA via AP file

A month later, on November 18, a white Jewish couple was walking their dogs in Union Square when the couple’s 28-year-old wife saw Stora tearing up posters about kidnapped Israeli hostages and took a photo of him.

Stora noticed the couple looking at him, began following them and allegedly shouted “anti-white and anti-Semitic remarks,” including “F—- you white boy.”

A woman invited the couple to her apartment so they could get away from Stora, who allegedly followed them into the building’s lobby shouting, “Die, Jews, die!” “” prosecutors said.

His series of alleged The attacks apparently culminated in the attack on the woman who posted on TikTok. Stora was arrested two days later in connection with the latter incident and had pleaded not guilty in the case.

He was arraigned Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to hate crime charges. Stora is representing himself in court, according to court records. His next hearing is scheduled for August 6.

Stora has been running for public office in New York since 2021 and participated in a New York City mayoral debate in 2021, NBC News previously reported citing public records. In 2022, he filed a handwritten petition to be placed on the New York governor’s ballot. Last year, records show, Stora ran for the District 9 seat on the New York City Council.

Stora has denied the allegations in the indictment, calling the hate crime charges “absolute madness.”

Stora told NBC News on Wednesday that he allegedly filed a lawsuit against Eric Adams last year, that he intended to run for New York City mayor against him next year and that he believed he was being accused of an act of political retaliation, identifying himself as a black Republican.

Speaking about the attack on the woman who documented his injury on TikTok, he said: “I’ve never met this woman” and claimed she identified a different suspect in a lineup that wasn’t him.

Asked about the November incident involving the Jewish couple, Stora said he was tearing down the posters because they “scared children in the community.”

“I am entirely focused on America. I love Jews,” Stora said.

He said the couple confronted him as he tore down the poster and claimed the couple’s man told him: “The Muslims are coming.” Die, Jew, die. Stora said this statement referenced by the district attorney’s office was made by the couple to mock him.

He then returned home, saw the couple entering a building and claimed they eventually came out and then followed him home.

Online court records show Stora filed a lawsuit against the New York City Board of Elections last year under the Civil Rights Act, and again last month against the city and Bragg , alleging false arrest and excessive force in connection with an executed search warrant. at his home on April 18. This warrant was executed after the alleged street attacks. No response has yet been filed in response to the latest complaint.

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