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Maine police issued statewide alert weeks ago over Robert Card threats: AP

Maine authorities issued a “statewide awareness alert” last month following threats made by Robert Card, the now-deceased U.S. Army reservist suspected of killing 18 people in two mass shootings in Maine earlier this week, two law enforcement leaders told The Associated Press.

“We added extra patrols, we did that for about two weeks. … The guy never showed up,” Saco Police Chief Jack Clements told the Associated Press.

Card had trained as an Army reservist in Saco and allegedly threatened to shoot up the National Guard base where he trained, Card’s sister-in-law, Katie Card, previously told The Daily Beast.

Authorities reportedly issued a statewide alert in mid-September, urging officers to keep an eye on Card after he made the threats, officials told The Associated Press.

Clements called the alert “a generic thing that said, ‘Hey, you know, we’ve had reports that this guy has made some veiled threats,'” and said the department receives many such alerts.

“I’ve never been in contact with this guy, I’ve never gotten any phone calls from the reserve center saying, ‘Hey, we have somebody that’s causing a problem,'” Clements told the Associated Press.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said he sent the awareness alert to all law enforcement agencies in the state after Card was not found during a health check at home. “We couldn’t locate him,” Merry told the Associated Press.

Maine officials announced Friday that Card was found dead after a frantic manhunt, later saying he was discovered in the back of a large tractor-trailer in his ex-employer’s parking lot. , the Maine Recycling Corporation, and that he had died a self-death. – gunshot wound inflicted.

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