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Magnanville attack in 2016: the judges announce the end of the investigations – France

Anti-terrorism judges from the Paris judicial court have announced that they are closing their investigations into the murder of a police officer and his partner in Magnanville (Yvelines) on June 13, 2016, AFP learned on Wednesday from sources familiar with the matter.

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, deputy commander of the Mureaux police station (Yvelines), and his partner Jessica Schneider, 36, administrative agent in a nearby police station, had been murdered in their home, in the presence of their then 3-year-old son. The assailant, Larossi Abballa, claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of the Islamic State (IS) group live on social media, before being shot dead by the Raid.

Three people indicted

Three people around him are indicted in this case. Mohamed Lamine Aberouz, 28, was indicted on December 11, 2017 for “complicity in the assassinations of persons holding public authority in connection with a terrorist enterprise” and placed in pre-trial detention. Investigators suspect him of having been present at the couple’s home: his DNA was found on the wrist rest of the computer used for the claim.


Friend of Abballa, Mohamed Aberouz proclaims his innocence, claiming to have left his accommodation that evening only to go to the mosque. “The investigation, which lasted several years, has absolutely not made it possible to establish any complicity, direct or indirect, of Mr. Aberouz”, responded to AFP his lawyer, Mr. Vincent Brengarth. “His referral to a court would be unfounded, except to see there a desire to hold a trial at all costs,” he added.

Strong excitement in France

Charaf Din Aberouz, 35, older brother of Mohamed, and Saad Rajraji, 32, sentenced in 2013 alongside Abballa in an Afghan-Pakistani recruitment network for the jihad, are suspected of having been able to provide logistical support to the ‘assailant. As the investigation did not establish a direct complicity with the attack, they are now under judicial control.

The assassinations of Commander Salvaing and his companion had caused a stir in France and astonishment within the police: for the first time, two of theirs had been targeted by a terrorist attack at their home.