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Macron responds to schoolboy concerned about his recovery

The spontaneity of a schoolboy did not spare the Head of State when he came to the town of Poix ten days after the episode of the slap.

Traveling in the Somme on June 17, more precisely during his visit to a school in the town of Poix, Emmanuel Macron had to answer a little boy’s unexpected question to say the least: “It’s going to slap you. ‘are taken? ”asked the schoolboy to the Head of State, referring to the slap that had been administered to him on June 8 on the occasion of his visit to Drôme. “Ah yes, it’s okay, it’s not pleasant eh. And that’s not good! ”Replied Emmanuel Macron, approaching his young interlocutor. And the president added: “It’s never good to type, even in the yard.” It’s not good, he was wrong. “

This sequence quickly made the rounds on social networks. Barely an hour after the posting of this unusual exchange, the video had accumulated tens of thousands of views.

As a reminder, on June 10, two days after the episode of the slap, the criminal court of Valence sentenced its author to 18 months in prison, including 14 months suspended, or 4 months in prison.

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