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Macron reacts by evoking “a nation of 66 million prosecutors” – RT in French

Harsh against the critics of the management of the health crisis, Emmanuel Macron estimated that France had become “a nation of 66 million prosecutors”. The criticisms of this new presidential exit have been numerous.

“We have grown into a nation of 66 million prosecutors. This is not how we face the crisis or move forward ”. The president’s new little sentence against criticism of the government’s management of the health crisis caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

“Democracy is being accountable,” replied Bruno Retailleau. “We harvest what we sow,” added the Republican Senator (LR) of Vendée on Twitter.

“Jupiter is back. While I see worried, lost but combative French people, he sees the French as prosecutors … ”added Valerie Boyer Senator LR of Vendée.

Earlier, Marine Le Pen also did not fail to criticize the exit of Emmanuel Macron. “Virus or not, there is at least one thing that does not change, it is the propensity of Emmanuel Macron to vilify the French all the time!”, Wrote the president of the National Rally on his Twitter account.

I find that for prosecutors, we are very patient and very lenient

“If we can no longer criticize the policy of the Head of State without being treated as a” prosecutor “, we are in something that really comes under the totalitarianism of thought!” was also offended MEP Gilbert Collard on BFM TV.

Arnaud Montebourg also reacted. “With the masks and its train of lies, the tests and governmental incompetence, then now the vaccines which are lacking, I find that for prosecutors, we are very patient and very lenient”, wrote the former minister of Economy.

The economist Thomas Porcher also reacted and took the opportunity to also criticize government policy: “When a President weakened the mechanisms of solidarity, the hospital, social insurance, local authorities (all that made it possible to limit the during the pandemic), we should all have the right to be prosecutors (and exercise that right), ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

“66 million prosecutors? After having missed everything, Macron dares to put the blame on the French… He cannot stand them anymore! Let him be reassured, given his record, the French no longer support him either! If he doesn’t love the people, let him go! We will win a year and a half! ”, For his part lambasted Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, deputy for Essonne and president of Debout la France.

“66 million prosecutors !? New accusation by the Pdt of the Republic against ALL the French. This formula signifies the confusion that inhabits Macron, his hatred of a free French people seeking the truth, his temptation of totalitarianism. Yes, justice will have to be done! ”, Added the former deputy Jean-Frédéric Poisson, declared a candidate for the presidential election of 2022.

In an allusion to the many criticisms of the government’s management of the health crisis, the Head of State attacked the French head-on on January 21, and what he considers to be one of their characteristic features: ” What goes with French distrust is also this kind of incessant hunt for error. Everyone makes mistakes every day. The one who does not make a mistake is the one who does not seek or who does nothing, or who mechanically does the same thing as the day before, ”declared the Head of State, specifying that what he believed was doing a “great nation”, were “to have women and men who seek, who have the capacity to invent what is not yet perceptible and to make mistakes in order to be able to correct as quickly as possible and improve”.

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