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Macron calls for a turn of the screw on the deportation of irregular foreigners – France

Emmanuel Macron brought together several ministers on Wednesday to demand better efficiency in the expulsions of illegal aliens, still poorly applied, while the executive expects an influx of post-covid arrivals, said the Elysee.

This meeting took place in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex and ministers Gérald Darmanin (Interior), Jean-Yves Le Drian (Foreign Affairs) and a representative of the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti.

“Asylum requests are increasingly diverted: foreigners systematically apply for asylum knowing that the examination of their file lasts several months and that they are taken care of in a very advantageous way”, commented an adviser. .

“However, the acceptability rate of immigration in our country is lower and lower,” he noted.

“We have a problem of remoteness”

Also, the Head of State asked the ministers “to proactively activate the mechanisms in force” and to intensify negotiations with the countries of origin so that they accept the return of more. their nationals.

Out of approximately 120,000 asylum seekers per year, 20,000 obtain refugee status, 20,000 return and 80,000 remain illegally in the country.

“We have a problem of expulsion”, recognized the presidency, “our system is very difficult to activate for political, diplomatic and media reasons”, even if the rate of execution of deportation decisions has improved. ‘a third.

At the end of 2020, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs estimated before the Senate that the average execution rate of an expulsion decision is 30% in Europe but falls to “13, 14% for France”, while the ‘Élysée puts forward the figure of 15.3%.

The Head of State, who at the start of his five-year term evoked the objective of an execution rate of 100%, on Wednesday asked for “operational very quickly” measures, targeting as a priority the expulsion of illegal foreigners perpetrators. acts of terrorism or recorded for radicalization as well as those having committed crimes and misdemeanors and other serious offenses.

The objective is to take them directly to the airport as soon as they leave prison, thanks to the coordination of the administrations.

Out of 1,115 foreigners in an irregular situation and registered for radicalization, 514 are still on the territory – often because they are imprisoned – of which 400 are under surveillance and 601 have left the territory. About 250 foreigners falling under this category could be expelled in the coming weeks, according to the Élysée.

“Diplomatic negotiations”

Irregular foreigners who have committed crimes and offenses will also be subject to systematic expulsions. “These are mainly people from the Maghreb – Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia – but also from Russia and Africa”.

France intends to urge these countries to grant more consular passes that allow returns. She also wants to ensure that the now required PCR test is carried out not on departure from France but on arrival.

“We can not force them to undergo this PCR test required at the start and those who support their cause tell them that the best way to stay in France is to refuse the test,” said the Elysee.

“The president asked that diplomatic negotiations be initiated in a very proactive manner. With Algeria, with whom discussions are more difficult, we are considering more drastic measures and our requests will be brought to their attention very quickly, ”warned the French presidency without further details.

Without modifying the right of asylum, a reflection is also engaged on the countries considered as safe.

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