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Senegal has started its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 with the Chinese vaccine, “the first available that we have simply had”, explains President Macky Sall. But this is not the only problem facing this West African country. Indeed, the fight against terrorism remains one of the priorities of the Senegalese government, Macky Sall saying “unfavorable to the discussion with the terrorists”. In an interview conducted in Dakar, the president answered questions from Alain Foka for France 24 and RFI.

To limit the Covid-19 pandemic, the second wave of which is currently hitting Senegal hard, President Macky Sall details his vaccine strategy, and in particular the choice of Chinese Sinopharm: “This is the first vaccine available that we have had , quite simply. We strove to work in concert of nations with the Covax initiative, but we found, when the developed countries started the vaccination, that this initiative did not yet have vaccines. As President of the Republic, I cannot simply wait for the vaccines to arrive, so at the same time I have developed bilateral partnerships with all the vaccine-producing countries. “

“In the face of terrorists there is no peace to maintain”

Macky Sall also makes the fight against terrorism a priority, while West Africa, despite all the forces mobilized, does not manage to roll back jihadism: “If we want the fight to be effective, we must that the mechanism for the fight against terrorism, beyond the support of France, which must be welcomed, allow the troops who are already in the Malian theater to participate. ” The Senegalese president advocates a more offensive approach: “We maintain a peace only when there is a peace to maintain. In the face of terrorists there is no peace to maintain”.

Finally, the Head of State also evokes the case of Ousmane Sonko, this opposition deputy, third in the 2019 presidential election and today accused of rape, a case that shakes the local political class.


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